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In an age where our homes are evolving into smarter and more connected spaces by the day, the need for seamless control and flexible device sharing has never been more critical. With the release of eWeLink App version 5.0, Home Sharing and Device Sharing have taken a significant leap forward, offering an unprecedented level of intuitiveness and adaptability in managing your smart home.

What is Home Sharing?

Home Sharing, a feature typically seen in smart home systems and applications, makes it easier to manage smart devices in shared residences. It streamlines the process of assigning permissions and access privileges to numerous people, allowing them to monitor and operate a wide range of connected devices such as lighting, thermostats, cameras, and more. It also gives access to all scenes within the shared home, both automated for monitoring and manual for controlling. The primary account holder typically retains management of house sharing, offering a seamless and collaborative smart home experience for all residents and visitors. The primary account holder can add and remove users as well as adjust their access permissions. You may effortlessly share your home with others with the eWeLink app.

What is Device Sharing?

Device sharing refers to the ability to share access to your smart devices with others, generally inside a smart home ecosystem. You can grant customized permissions to family members, friends, or guests to operate and interact with shared devices with this functionality. It allows the primary account holder to delegate control of certain devices while protecting the privacy of others. Device sharing is especially useful in multi-occupant households since it encourages a collaborative and tailored approach to managing smart home devices. Within the eWeLink app, you can easily share smart home gadgets via WhatsApp or your eWeLink account.

In summary, Home Sharing and Device Sharing are two functionalities that are widely combined in smart home automation systems. Both features provide flexibility and customization, allowing you to personalize your smart home experience to your individual needs and tastes. Home Sharing is primarily concerned with allowing access to control the complete smart home, including all devices and manual scenes, whereas Device Sharing enables more precise control by choosing and sharing certain devices.

eWeLink Home Sharing: Unifying Your Home Experience

Home Sharing is designed to simplify multi-user smart home automation. It makes it easy to grant access to multiple users to control all smart devices in a shared home. The master account holder retains full permissions to easily manage users and their access rights.

With eWeLink Smart Home, users assigned specific roles gain access to home and manual scenes. This allows each member of your family to take an active role in shaping your home’s automated environment. Whether it’s lighting your space, fine-tuning the thermostat or triggering a customized scene, home sharing ensures that everyone contributes to creating the perfect living space.

A significant addition-“Guest”

The eWeLink app introduces an important addition to home sharing – the “Guest” role. This option is useful when you need to temporarily share your home with friends or visitors. Guests give you precise control over the duration of their visit.

Let’s say your friend stays at your place for a few days while traveling. With this Smart Home Manager, you can quickly set up a 3-day access pass for them to control their smart home devices during their stay. Once their access ends, their privileges will automatically expire. This simplified approach ensures efficient management of visitors to your home, providing a hassle-free and secure shared experience.

eWeLink Device Sharing: Tailoring Control to Your Preferences

Device Sharing takes personalization to a new level by allowing you to selectively share specific smart devices with others. This feature is useful when you want to delegate control of a specific device while protecting the privacy of others.

eWeLink App V5.0 introduces Timers Access and Access Duration in device sharing. When you share devices, you can now manage access precisely. This includes controlling who can view and edit timers and setting access durations.

Manage Timers Settings

Restricting timer editing permissions prevents shared members or guests from changing timers, ensuring your settings and schedules are not disrupted. For example, you could choose to share a smart lightbulb and grant the recipient simple on-off functionality while limiting their ability to change timer settings.

Manage Access Duration

Creating an access duration causes the sharing individual to automatically lose control of the device when the specified sharing time expires. Even if the homeowner forgets the sharing duration, the device sharing will expire on time.

This feature proves especially beneficial when granting temporary access to specific devices to visitors or service personnel. For example, if you have a cleaner coming in for the day, you can restrict his access to your front door for a specific period of time. This is a degree of control and security that ensures your smart devices are used exactly as intended.

Learn about the Top Home Automation Systems for 2023

The world of smart home integrations has advanced rapidly, promising enhanced convenience, security, and efficiency through interconnected smart devices. As technology continues its relentless march forward, the options for creating a smarter home in 2023 are more diverse than ever. Here are some of the top home automation systems that deserve your attention:

1. Google Home: Voice-Powered Simplicity

Google Home takes center stage in 2023 with its intuitive voice control powered by Google Assistant. Seamlessly integrate it with popular smart devices to manage lights, locks, cameras, appliances, and more with effortless voice commands. Google Home is especially appealing to those deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem.

2. Amazon Alexa: The Master of Hands-Free Control

Amazon Alexa continues to dominate the smart home landscape. Its voice control capabilities make interactions with compatible devices truly hands-free. What sets Alexa apart is its extensive compatibility with third-party devices, offering unmatched versatility. The Echo smart speakers further enhance the experience.

3. Apple HomeKit: Where Seamlessness Meets Security

For Apple enthusiasts, HomeKit remains a robust choice in 2023. Enjoy the convenience of Siri voice commands and automation features that simplify home control. Privacy and security are paramount, with end-to-end encryption and advanced access controls. Seamless sharing of home access adds an extra layer of convenience.

4. Samsung SmartThings: Streamlined Centralized Control

Samsung SmartThings manage a wide range of smart devices, from Samsung and third-party brands. Its flexible automation features enable extensive customization, while user-friendly smart home apps and voice control through Bixby streamline home management. SmartThings strikes a harmonious balance between DIY flexibility and preconfigured convenience.

5. eWeLink: Your Free Smart Home Companion

eWeLink is making waves in the smart home arena. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and broad device compatibility, eWeLink smart home is an ideal choice for simplifying your smart home service. It seamlessly connects devices across various brands and standards, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa ensures smooth voice control. Multi-user Home Sharing and Guest role make eWeLink smart home app a standout option for households and rentals.

While new options are continually emerging, these platforms have demonstrated reliability. Prioritize platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing technology and lifestyle. With a robust home automation system in place, you can anticipate greater simplicity and security throughout 2023.


eWeLink smart home’s enhanced Home Sharing and Device Sharing sections redefine your smart home management experience. Whether you’re sharing your space with family, welcoming guests, or selectively delegating control of specific devices, this update places you firmly in control. It’s all about convenience, customization, and peace of mind in the world of connected homes. Embrace the future of smart living by upgrading to eWeLink App V5.0 today and experience a smarter way to share your smart home automation.

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