Can Plumbing Companies Help With Sewer Line Problems and Repairs?

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Plumbing companies can help you solve numerous sewer line problems. They can help eliminate blockages, foul smells, and cracks, restoring your sewer line to optimal performance. Here’s an in-depth look at sewer line problems a plumbing company can help with and how to solve them:

Common Sewer Line Problems 

Your sewer line is a key component in your drainage system, as it connects your toilets, sinks, and appliances to your septic tank or municipal sewer system. It’s susceptible to problems like blockages since it carries sewage from your property. We are the plumber Shreveport providing Platinum service for all your plumbing needs.


Blockages in your sewer line can occur if you flush items like paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and hair down your drain. They can also happen if you constantly pour grease into your kitchen sink. While these items may not cause blockages immediately, they can accumulate over time, resulting in clogs in your pipes and sewer line. This can make your sinks drain water slowly, cause flooding in sinks, or result in sewage backups. They can pose health risks, as waste buildup can harbor bacteria. 

A reliable plumbing company can help eliminate blockages through hydro-jetting. This involves sending a high-pressure blast of water through your pipes to dislodge blockages. Professional plumbers use jetters for hydro-jetting. Jetters contain hoses, tanks of water, and nozzles. Nozzles are connected to blocked sewer lines through their cleanout openings to send the high-pressure water through.


Your sewer line may be susceptible to cracks if it’s too old or if exposed to construction activities like digging trenches. Tree roots may also cause damage if the roots continue to expand after pushing into your sewer system. Cracks are problematic as they can cause leaks, draining difficulties, and foul smells. 

Plumbing companies must dig a trench around your sewer line to replace the cracked pipes with new ones. Trenchless sewer line repair may also be an option, depending on the circumstances. This can be an excellent alternative as it requires little to no digging, and it’s faster and more cost-effective than digging trenches.

Pipelining and pipe bursting are among the most common trenchless repair solutions. For pipelining, your plumber will use an inflatable tube covered in epoxy. They’ll insert the tube into your sewer line and inflate it until it presses against the existing sewer pipe. Then, they’ll wait for the epoxy to cure and harden against the cracks and remove the inflatable tube. Pipelining is suitable for minimal cracks. In case of extensive damage, your plumber may recommend pipe bursting. This involves feeding a cone-shaped tool into your sewer line to break and replace the existing sewer lines with new pipes.

Tree Root Intrusions

This may be a problem if your sewer line runs near trees. Roots grow toward water sources to provide sufficient water for growth. Roots can push into your sewer pipes, causing leaks and blockages. If left unsolved, this problem can prevent proper water drainage and damage your lawn, as waste may leak into your property. 

Professional plumbers can remove roots from your sewer pipes and repair the leaks. They use video inspection technology to identify roots’ locations and to cut them apart. Then, they use jetters to clear the resulting root debris from sewer pipes. To solve leak problems, your plumbing company can patch damaged sewer pipes with an epoxy coating. 

Why Hire a Plumbing Company When Facing Sewer Line Problems?

Leave sewer line repairs to professional plumbers with the expertise to accurately diagnose sewer line problems and offer practical solutions. There’s minimal to no risk of causing further damage to your sewer line when you work with professionals, as they know the best repair practices. Professionals also have access to specialized equipment like video inspection technology and jetters. These tools are integral to proper sewer line repair as they facilitate accurate diagnoses and allow plumbers to clean sewer pipes before repairing them.

Plumbing Companies Can Help With sewer Line Problems and Repairs

Plumbing companies offer services like pipe installations, drain cleaning, water heater services, and pipe inspections and maintenance. They also solve sewer line problems like blockages, tree intrusions, and cracks. Plumbing professionals clean blocked sewer lines and repair cracks, leaving property owners with optimally functioning sewer systems. Hire an experienced plumbing company for effective sewer line repair.

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