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Smartphones carry a plethora of features in the palm of our hands. One such feature is the microphone, often used for making calls, recording voice memos, or capturing video audio. However, only a few people know they can also utilize the phone’s microphone on their PC. This opens up a world of possibilities, from improving audio quality in online meetings to recording podcasts with enhanced clarity. In this article, we’ll walk you through using your phone’s microphone on your PC, regardless of your operating system.

Methods to use phone mic in pc

Before we delve into the technicalities, let’s explore why you might want to use your phone’s microphone on your PC. Smartphones often boast high-quality microphones, which can be advantageous for various scenarios. Whether seeking better audio input for voice chats, video conferencing, or voiceovers, harnessing your phone’s microphone can significantly improve your overall audio experience. Here are tips for using your phone as a mic:

Method 1: Using Bluetooth

Suppose your phone and PC support Bluetooth connectivity. In that case, you can use this wireless technology to connect your phone’s microphone to your computer. Follow these steps:

Enable Bluetooth on both devices: Turn Bluetooth on your phone and your PC. Make sure they are both visible to other devices.

Pair your phone and PC: Search for available Bluetooth devices on your computer. Your phone should appear on the list. Click on it to pair the devices.

Set up the microphone: Once paired, go to your PC’s sound settings and ensure that the paired phone is selected as the default recording device.

Test the microphone: Verify your phone’s microphone works correctly on your PC by recording test audio.

Method 2: Using Apps and Software

Several third-party apps and software solutions allow you to wirelessly use your phone’s microphone on your PC. These applications usually work over the same Wi-Fi network or via USB. Here’s how to get started:

Search for compatible apps: Look for apps or software that facilitate the integration of your phone’s microphone with your PC.

Install the app on your phone and PC: Download and install the selected application on your phone and your computer.

Follow the app’s setup instructions: Each app will have its setup process. Generally, you must connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and pair them within the app.

Adjust audio settings: In your PC’s sound settings, select the app or software as the default recording device to use your phone’s microphone.

Verify the functionality: Test the setup by recording audio or making a voice call using your phone’s microphone on your PC.


Integrating your phone’s microphone with your PC is a simple and effective way to enhance your audio experience across various applications. Whether you’re on a Windows PC, utilizing the capabilities of your smartphone’s microphone can bring clarity and crispness to your audio recordings, online meetings, and other voice-related tasks. Embrace this technology, and you’ll enjoy seamless audio interactions on your PC like never before. If you want a phone with remarkable features, you need to look at HONOR 70. The phone has many useful features such as a SONY IMX800 Super Sensing camera and fast processors.

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