Top 6 Benefits of Niagen Supplement You Need to Know

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Have you ever heard of a ‘miracle molecule’ or Nicotinamide riboside (NR)? You probably have heard about it or, if not, have read and seen advertisements about niagen supplements online. 

Nicotinamide ribosides are widely sold as Niacel or niagen supplements. They are analogs of vitamin B3 and have been gaining popularity worldwide, especially in the scientific world, because of their ability to slow aging. Many women are taking niagen supplements to keep them young and in shape.

Like any other health supplements, you must understand how these supplements work and if they benefit your health. Right from the dosage, the side effects and the associated benefits help you make informed decisions about them. 

If you are curious about the health benefits of these niagen supplements, keep reading.

This article will explore some of the top six health benefits of niagen supplements that make them famous and influential.

1. Enhance Heart Health

A constant supply of energy is required for the heart to function properly since it is the most active organ in the body. When the levels of NAD+ reduce, the energy produced becomes less to enable the normal functioning of the heart. 

When the niagen supplements are consumed, they boost the NAD levels, which helps maintain the normal function of the heart. This can be beneficial in various ways.

First, the cardiovascular risks are reduced. Niagen helps with the improvement of cholesterol levels and reduces inflammation, which are the risk factors for heart diseases. The blood flow and vascular health are also improved, and this helps improve the health of the heart. 

2. Promotes Longevity

There are various cellular changes that occur during the aging process. One significant change that occurs as we grow old is the reduction in Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) levels. NAD+ is an essential factor that is responsible for the maintenance of cellular health functions and also repairs DNA.

Niagen Supplements act as a precursor for NAD+, which has shown the potential of dealing with the decline in cellular health linked to aging. Niagen boosts NAD+ levels, which combats the aging process at the cellular level. Moreover, niagen supplements are able to restore the levels of NAD+ like those in the young cells, which helps improve vitality and function.

In the context of aging, niagen promotes DNA repair since the cells’ ability decreases as you age. Insufficient or failure of cells to repair the DNA may result in age-linked diseases and even death. When the niagen supplements boost the NAD+ levels, the ability of the cells to repair DNA is enhanced and the aging process is slowed. 

3. Supports the Mitochondria

Mitochondria is a specific organelle in our bodies that has been under research for a long time since they began finding mechanisms to reverse aging. According to our body’s biology, we manufacture a few mitochondria as we continue aging, which has been attributed to its dysfunction as one of the reasons for aging. 

Suppose you can carefully remember your high school biology. In that case, you notice that these organelles are tiny, yet they are responsible for the powerful production of most energy in our body cells. We would not exist today as complex organisms without mitochondria. 

Vitamin B3 is a nutrient required to support the function of the mitochondria. Niagen is one of the variants of vitamin B3, and it is the most efficient one. Taking those supplements helps boost the normal functioning of the mitochondria.

4. Boost the rate of Metabolism.

The ability of niagen to increase the level of NAD+ in the body is why niagen can boost Metabolism. This occurs when our food is converted into energy, and NAD is essential in regulating this metabolic process.

Aging leads to decreased metabolic efficiency due to the natural reduction of NAD. The decline in the Metabolism rate can result in difficulties in losing weight and even cause obesity. When Niagen supplements enhance the levels of NAD in your body, the metabolic function is boosted, leading to improved energy use and weight management.

Studies have shown how niagen supplements can activate the protein group responsible for regulating Metabolism and cellular health called sirtuins. Such an activation supports weight loss since it enhances your metabolic functions. It is vital to understand that although niagen is promising in weight loss, it does not magically help you lose weight. 

5. Boost Cellular Health

Niagen is a precursor to the coenzyme NAD, responsible for energy production and cellular Metabolism. This molecule is a linchpin that links our diet to cellular health and transports energy from food molecules into a state that cells can use to execute essential functions. As we age, the decrease of NAD in our bodies can result in age-related diseases.

Niagen supplement plays an essential role in cellular health by boosting the coenzyme NAD+, which reverses the decline in age-related cellular health. When this happens, the energy metabolism improves, and the cells go back to functioning normally as they repair themselves and can resist stress effectively. 

6. Enhances Brain Health

Since NAD+ levels in our body reduce with age, our neurons’ capacity to resist stress and function normally reduces, too, which may result in neurodegenerative diseases. Niagen supplements have been proven to be potent precursors of NAD+, and they replenish the dwindling levels, which helps the brain in different ways. 

One of the benefits is neuroprotection, and research has shown that niagen can protect neurons from degeneration and damage. With increased NAD levels, the energy in the brain cells is bolstered, becoming less prone to degeneration and more resistant to stress.

Brain aging is also slowed when the NAD+ levels are increased with the intake of niagen. Boosting the levels of NAD+ decreases the susceptibility to neurodegenerative diseases, therefore supporting healthy brain function in older people. 

The cognitive function is also improved when the brain cells’ energy production and cellular health are improved. Niagen Supplementation, as research proved, enhances learning and memory abilities, although more studies are being conducted. 


Niagen supplements are an exciting frontier in the wellness and health of our aging bodies. It has proven to support our health and reduce the risks of diseases linked to aging. 

The supplement should be considered a holistic approach to health and incorporated with other health habits like enough sleep, exercise, rest, and a balanced diet. Take a step and start using niagen today and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

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