Key points to keep in mind before renting a furnished flat

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Very often whenever we are told to talk about renting we only mention the good sides of it. We only talk about how it helps in reducing responsibilities, how it is less expensive than buying a property, and how there is less commitment involved but no one talks about how hectic it can be to choose belongings and furniture from one place to another every few years. This is a big reason why renters are only choosing a fully furnished flat for rent in Noida

If you have just started your rental journey, then you might find it a bit odd. If you are someone like that, then you might think, why would someone want to rent a place that is already fully furnished? What’s the point of renting a place that takes away the liberty of decorating your flat with furniture that you like? But you will have to understand that buying furniture can cost a lot. Moreover, there can always be a chance that the furniture that you have just bought for your old apartment might not work with your next flat.

All this has influenced the rise of furnished flats, and most renters of today aim to rent those flats that check this box. But in this blog post, we will not only talk about the good sides of renting a furnished flat but also discuss the bad sides of it.

Let’s look at the good sides first.

  • Helps in cutting costs – Whether it is a flat that you just bought or you have decided to rent, decorating the house of your dreams can cost a lot of money, and an expense that takes up a major part of that cost are furniture. Leave the designer and decorative stuff aside, even buying even basic furniture like a bed, a cupboard, and a sofa can also cost a lot of money. In this scenario, renting a flat that is fully furnished can be of great help especially because they completely eliminate the need for you to buy furniture. You can always buy decorative and secondary stuff like rugs and side tables but at least you won’t have to buy the basic furniture required for comfortable living.
  • Makes house shifting easy – If you are a renter, then you already know that house shifting can be a hassle, the whole process is filled with taking boxes filled with belongings from your old residence to your new one. But transporting boxes filled with books, clothes, or cutlery is still easy than shifting a big fridge or a bed. Well, if you choose a fully furnished flat for rent in Noida you automatically eliminate all these problems. You wouldn’t have to carry or buy furniture because your new rental flat will already have everything that you may need.

Now that we have discussed the good sides let’s talk about the bad sides.

  • Quality of furniture – It happens more than often that a flat owner claims that their apartment is fully furnished but it is only after you rent the flat that you get to know that the quality of the furniture is very bad. In most cases, you will be left with no choice other than living in that property for the time period that you have agreed upon or you can file a complaint against them. This is why it is important to book your rental flat from a trusted real estate website from where you will also be able to see pictures of the property.
  • A bit higher monthly rent – It is true that renting a fully furnished flat can cost you more money than others but here you will have to look at the scenario from different perspectives. For instance, if you already have your own furniture then renting a fully furnished apartment can feel like you are paying for no reason at all. But if you are thinking of renting a space for a long time and do not have furniture of your own then the increase in rent is completely justified. So, it completely depends on what your situation is, but if you ask us, then we would suggest you in renting a fully furnished because that’s also sustainable.

Final findings

Renting a house that already comes with all furniture is a great thing if you want to eliminate the headache of shifting big and heavy furniture from one rental flat to another. But this also has its own set of cons, just like any other thing. In this blog post, we have tried to incorporate both the good and bad sides of it, hope it helps. If reading this blog helps in understanding the key characteristics of renting these flats then you can check of the available options for fully furnished rental flats in Noida.

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