Looking to Get the Classic News Anchor Sunglasses Style? Here’s What You Need to Know

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If you’re asked to think about the type of sunglasses that a classic news anchor or tv journalist would wear, it’s likely that a certain style of shades will come to mind. Blocky, square, black frames, or cat eyes, right? But how far does this actually represent the shades sported by some of the most well-known news presenters? And why don’t we see many more presenters – especially those making outside broadcasts – wearing stylish sunnies? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more!

Gary Lineker – BBC – Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Gary Lineker, ex-superstar England soccer player turned popular sports presenter and pundit, is regularly snapped wearing a pair of classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster shades. While Lineker’s features a tortoiseshell upper frame, this model is available in a range of frame colors, so you can choose the pair that best suits your style.

The Clubmaster is a perfect choice for this presenter: it’s old-school but classy and looks just as good worn with sportswear as it does with a suit and tie. Wondering if this frame shape will suit you? Clubmasters look best on those with oval and round faces – but Lineker’s choice of tortoiseshell typically works well against all skin tones. And if, like the soccer legend, you need prescription sunglasses, it’s not a problem: all Ray-Ban shades can be fitted with corrective lenses.

Anderson Cooper – CNN

This well-known and much-loved CNN journalist and news anchor is often seen wearing a pair of shades while presenting evening broadcasts. But it’s not just about looking sharp: Anderson suffers from a medical condition, blepharitis, that makes the bright lights in the studio particularly uncomfortable, hence the shades.

Cooper is one of the most highly-regarded news journalists in the business; he’s won eighteen Emmys and two Peabody Awards to date, and he became the first openly LGBT person to moderate a presidential debate in 2016. He’s been presenting for CNN since 2001.

Fox 5 New York

Three presenters on Fox 5 New York recently appeared, each wearing their own pair of sunglasses, partly in homage to the rising temperatures and also as a way to express their personalities. With three distinctive styles, Dari Alexander, Steve Lacy, and Audrey Puente perfectly demonstrated how sunglasses can be a perfect reflection of our unique style aesthetic.

Why Don’t More News Anchors Wear Dark Glasses?

It’s very rare to see a news anchor or tv journalist appear wearing shades or even tinted lenses on air apart from when, as with Anderson Cooper, they’re required for medical reasons. There’s a simple reason for this: when interviewing a guest, asking a question, or addressing us as the audience, it’s really important to see their eyes. Eye contact is a vital element of human connection and communication, and without it, we may struggle to identify with the person addressing us – and maybe even to trust them.

Being able to see someone’s expression, whether in real life or via the television screen, is key – which is exactly why you’ll rarely see a news presenter or journalist covering their eyes with dark glasses.

There are exceptions. When conducting an outside broadcast or interview in extremely bright conditions, you may well spot a journalist donning a pair of shades, especially in hot countries where prolonged exposure to the sun’s strong rays could cause eye damage – as well as discomfort.

The Classic Journo Eyeglasses Look

And if you’d like to try out the classic journalist or news anchor look? Seek out chunky black square-shaped frames, and add a tint for interest! Tinted glasses are super on-trend right now, and there are so many different tints available that you can have fun experimenting with the shade that works best for you.

Alternatively, consider a pair of cats-eye frames, either in black or tortoiseshell, or opt for a vibrant shade such as red, emerald green, or sapphire blue. Cats-eye frames are very versatile and work well on most face shapes. Plus, they’re a great way to inject some vintage glam into an outfit.

Final Thoughts

While it’s rare to see a news anchor wearing sunglasses on the studio floor – or a journalist rocking a pair of shades on location – there are a few in the business who are known for their tinted eyewear. While not many news presenters may actually wear sunnies, there are certain styles that hint at the profession – so opt for the designs discussed above if you fancy trying out the classic journo look this year.

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