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Vidmate APK

While the entertainment field is at its peak, the audience equally praises offline and online entertainment. So, most apps that provide dual functionality, such as downloading videos and streaming them online, are introduced. Vidmate APK is a fantastic app known as a video downloader that allows its audience to watch videos online.

App NameVidmate APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size18.4 MB
Total Downloads100,0000+
FeaturesFree Video Downloads
Last update3 hours ago


The app provides different features that we will talk about below. We will also talk about downloading process of the latest version of Vidmate APK 2023.

Features Of Vidmate APK

Dual Functionality

The primary and proficient feature of the app is its dual functionality. You can watch videos as well as can download them to watch offline. Further, it accesses its users to a versatile content library. All content is categorized and well-managed, which makes it easy to access.

Video To Audio Converter

Sometimes, it’s a crucial need for someone to convert his videos into audio. Vidmate APK allows you to do that. You need to find the option to convert your chosen video into audio. After finding the option, upload your audio and press the “convert” button to convert your video to audio.

Multiple Downloading Resolutions

It’s their main feature that you can download content, but what about downloaded content quality? Vidmate allows you to download content in multiple resolutions. These resolutions are 240P, 360P, 480P, 720 HD, 1080HD and 4K. You can choose any resolution type to download your desired video. The most selected resolutions are 1080 HD and 4K. Further, it also allows you to download audio files with high quality.

In-Built Video Player

The video player enables you to watch videos online. It will prevent you from downloading incorrect files. It is because you can play a video before downloading and checking it. Is it the required video or any incorrect one? Further, video players allow you to watch videos online.

Auto Suggestion

Auto-suggestion is something like AI. It works automatically and suggests you content according to your taste. These hidden algorithms focus on your steps and observe what kind of content you spend most of your time on. After deep observation, they auto-suggest such content you will like. The purpose behind all this is that they want to grab your focus and force you to spend most of your time on the app.

Favorite List

The trending feature makes it space for almost all kinds of entertaining apps. It serves those who love the same content and must watch it regularly. The person can create their favorite list and add content to it. It will prevent you from searching for the same content again and again.

Multiple Downloads

In the customization option, there are a lot of options. Such as

Download Path

In this option, you can customize your download path. The path you will set for the downloaded file will be saved in the selected folder.

Video Resolution

You can set a specific video resolution in which your all videos will be downloaded.

Downloading Speed

You can also manage the speed at which your videos must be downloaded. This is helpful when you have low data and want to prevent data loss.

Downloading Files

Managing the number of your downloaded files is also able to customize. Here, you can set how many files will be downloaded simultaneously.

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How To Download The Vidmate APK On Android?

  1. Search query “latest version of Vidmate APK for download.”
  2. Different resources will appear, which will allow you to download the app.
  3. Find a reputable source, undoubtedly the app’s official site, and download it from it.
  4. Now, go to your Android device setting and allow your device to install apps from unknown resources.
  5. Start installing process by going to the download folder where the Vidmate APK file is present.
  6. Soon, the app will be installed and pop up on your device screen. Now, you can use the app.

How To Use Vidmate APK?

  1. After installation, please open it and start to explore the content.
  2. There is no need to sign up or register your account.
  3. Make a query in the search bar, and you will find the result for your search.
  4. Open the video and analyze it if it is your desired video.
  5. Then, click download, and resolutions will pop up quickly.
  6. Select a resolution in which you want to download the video.
  7. After selecting your resolution, the downloading process will start automatically.


Is there any safety concern while using Vidmate APK?

No safety risks exist, but you must download it from the official site. If you download it from any un-trusted source, you can face viruses or malware, which can cause safety concerns.

Is the app add free?

No, I don’t think. The app will show advertisements because it is the primary way of their revenue.

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