10 Best Skin Whitening Creams in Japan (2023)

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The Japanese skincare industry is renowned for its dedication to innovation and high-quality products. In Japan, skin whitening creams, also known as “bihaku” creams, have gained popularity due to their focus on brightening and improving skin tone. It is important to note that the term “skin whitening” in this article refers to products that target hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, and not promoting a specific skin color. In this article, we present the 10 best skin whitening creams available in Japan as of 2023.

Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener

Shiseido is a prestigious Japanese brand known for its cutting-edge skincare solutions. The White Lucent All Day Brightener is a lightweight cream that brightens the skin, minimizes dark spots, and protects against harmful UV rays. It contains advanced brightening technology and a blend of natural ingredients for a radiant complexion.

Hada Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence

Hada Labo is a popular Japanese skincare brand that focuses on simplicity and efficacy. The Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence is a lightweight gel-cream that hydrates the skin while improving its clarity. Infused with tranexamic acid, vitamin C derivatives, and hyaluronic acid, it targets dark spots and promotes a brighter complexion. 

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion Excellent

Kose is a well-established brand in Japan, known for its traditional herbal ingredients. The Sekkisei Emulsion Excellent is a milky emulsion that offers intense hydration and brightening effects. It contains a blend of oriental plant extracts, including coix seed and angelica root, to promote an even skin tone and a luminous complexion. You can also learn more about Kose Sekkisei Emulsion Excellent from the Ulike blog.

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence

SK-II is a luxury skincare brand renowned for its signature ingredient, Pitera. The GenOptics Aura Essence is a potent serum that targets dark spots, evens out skin tone, and improves radiance. It also helps to enhance the skin’s clarity and minimize the appearance of pores, leaving a luminous and youthful glow.

Kanebo Blanchir Superior Whitening Serum

Kanebo is a prestigious Japanese brand that focuses on premium skincare products. The Blanchir Superior Whitening Serum is a concentrated formula that effectively diminishes dark spots and uneven skin tone. It contains a combination of oriental plant extracts and vitamin C derivatives for a brighter and more translucent complexion.

Albion Exage White White Up Cream

Albion is a well-respected brand in Japan that emphasizes natural ingredients and gentle formulations. The Exage White White Up Cream is a moisturizing cream that improves skin radiance and reduces the appearance of dark spots. It is enriched with various botanical extracts to enhance the skin’s clarity and brightness.

DHC Melano CC Whitening Essence

DHC is a popular Japanese brand known for its effective and affordable skincare products. The Melano CC Whitening Essence is a lightweight serum that targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It contains a high concentration of vitamin C derivatives to brighten the skin tone and improve overall complexion.

Rohto Melano CC Medicinal Stain Essence

Rohto is a trusted Japanese brand that specializes in dermatological solutions. The Melano CC Medicinal Stain Essence is a targeted treatment that specifically addresses dark spots and blemishes. It features a unique vitamin C derivative formulation and penetrates deeply into the skin for effective brightening results.

Kao Biore Whitening Essence

Kao Biore is a popular brand in Japan known for its range of skincare and cleansing products. The Whitening Essence is a lightweight serum that works to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. It features a blend of vitamin C derivatives and natural botanical extracts for a more radiant complexion.

Canmake Whitening Moisture Foundation

Canmake is a beloved Japanese brand that offers a wide range of makeup and skincare products. The Whitening Moisture Foundation is a multi-purpose product that provides coverage while brightening the skin. It contains moisturizing ingredients and SPF protection, making it ideal for daily use.


The Japanese skincare market offers a plethora of skin whitening creams that cater to various skin concerns and preferences. The 10 best skin whitening creams in Japan mentioned above demonstrate the innovation, quality, and effectiveness of Japanese skincare products. It is important to choose a product that suits your specific needs, consider your skin type, and perform patch tests if necessary. With consistent use and a proper skincare routine, these creams can help you achieve a brighter and more even complexion, reflecting the dedication and expertise of the Japanese beauty industry.

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