Why Should You Always Keep a Lip Balm Handy?

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Yes, it’s lip balm, the last thing you would expect yourself to find in your skincare kit or even in your home. It is almost as non-existent as a secondary pain relief balm for those regular headaches and backaches that you get so often. Then there is this misconception that our lips only feel the wrath of the changing seasons only during the winter season. One could get dry and chapped lips in any season, which usually would have much to do with your nourishment and lip care regimen.

This is quite far from a good experience and we are here to recommend a few tips you might want to use to shortlist your next lip balm, especially when buying only. You may note, for starters, that it is a commonly found lip care product that keeps the topmost layers of your lips adequately moisturized to keep them free from chapping and inflammation. We thus recommend that you keep it handy and use it as and when you feel the need for it.

What is lip balm?

Also known as a lip salve, lip balm is a soft, wax-like lip care product applied to the lips to keep them moisturized for longer periods. Doing so helps relieve chapped and dry lips, besides keeping painful issues like angular cheilitis, stomatitis, inflammation, or cold sores at bay. Skincare experts advise opting for a lip balm that contains beeswax or carnauba wax, camphor, lanolin, Vitamin E, and flowery or fruity essences.

Our lips have a wafer-thin layer of cells on the top, making them prone to frequently losing out on moisture content and becoming chapped. The worse may still happen if we do not provide our lips with adequate moisturization, hydration, and nutrition because they will become inflamed and may even spill out some blood. It is quite a painful situation and may lead to uncomfortable experiences. Being infected with bacteria or viruses could just about spell doom.

How to shortlist lip balm?

It is important to opt for a lip care product that is made using safe, gentle, and toxin-free ingredients. One should be sure to stay away from those that contain harmful chemicals and toxins like SLS, parabens, mineral oil, and sulfates. Such additives can hurt the inner lining of the local skin cells and cause painful blisters and a lot of inflammation.

You should check for a lip balm as per the following criteria:

  1. Safe and gentle ingredients
  2. Absence of harmful chemicals and toxins
  3. Packaging and ease of use
  4. Easy availability
  5. Flavor and fragrance
  6. Treatment and usefulness
  7. Benefits, especially with regular use
  8. Reputed manufacturer

As mentioned above, lip balms featuring naturally nourishing and moisturizing ingredients are the best. Some other common ingredients you may opt for are shea butter, cocoa butter, and lanolin. They are harmless and are safe for general use. We would also mention that lip care products are the same for men and women, for there is no difference in the cellular structure of their lips.

Which lip balm do we recommend?

Given the above criteria, we advise you to opt for Mamaearth’s Nourishing Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Strawberry for Soft & Supple Lips. Featuring Vitamin E and Strawberry, it helps intensely nourish lips and makes the lips soft and supple. This toxin-free lip balm is made of safe and gentle ingredients and can thus be used multiple times a day without a second thought.

The presence of Vitamin E in this lip balm helps nourish lips and prevent hyperpigmentation. Strawberries naturally exfoliate the local skin cells and nourish the newer layer of skin cells. Thus, applying this lip balm would keep your lips reddish pink and free from inflammation. Available in an attractive red-colored pack of four grams, this toxin-free lip care product would easily last you a season, even with multiple daily uses.

Your baby’s lips too can get hurt. Stay careful!

Babies may also have a torrid time with their lips throughout the year. First, because they have sensitive skin and can easily get rashes. Second, they can’t tell what they are feeling, and by the time the parents understand what’s wrong, the need for a proper lip care regimen has long set in.

The best way to avert this use is to opt for a safe and gentle baby lip balm. It should have all the qualities mentioned in the above sections, and it should also have only those natural ingredients that won’t cause the baby’s delicate skin any issues. You should be mindful of this fact because you would need to apply the baby lip balm multiple times on your sunshine’s tender lips.

We recommend you try Mamaearth’s Baby Lip Balm. It is available as Milky Soft Natural Lip Balm for Babies with Oats, Milk & Calendula, and offers 12-hour moisturization. Its regular application helps heal and soothe chapped lips. This toxin-free lip balm features Oats, Calendula, and Milk Protein that have anti-inflammatory properties to help the baby’s lips stay free from inflammation.

This safe and gentle baby care product also does not allow moisture to evaporate and thus reduces the chances of rashes and dryness. We recommend applying this baby lip balm multiple times a day for the best results. The presence of Milk Proteins and Calendula further makes way for the fact that it makes the lips soft and supple, and the baby will surely know it.

Summing up!

Lip care is an important part of our hygiene and well-being. This body part of ours is always exposed to the outer atmosphere and its trying factors, and can thus lose out moisture quite easily. It thus makes perfect sense to opt for a safe and gentle lip care product that offers the best lip care experience and is safe for extended use too.

We recommend making your lip care a regular and conscious part of your hygiene and well-being. We also recommend using a lip mask to treat your lips more carefully and avoid issues like persistent dryness and inflammation. The best way to start the process is to opt for safe and gentle lip care products made of toxin-free ingredients.

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