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The Rainbow Riches bookmaker always pleases its customers with a variety of promotional offers. Among them are good deposit bonuses, betting bonuses, contests and tournaments from the most famous gambling manufacturers with huge prize pools. So, whenever players visit, they can always find a lot of good offers.

Current promotions from the bookmaker Rainbow Riches

Currently, 18 promotional offers can be found on the Rainbow Riches website in the Promotions & Bonuses section. Among them, we can highlight some of the most interesting casino offers:

– +500% deposit bonus;

– Express Bonus – bonuses on bets;

– 70 free spins in games from Quickspin for a deposit of 500$ or more;

– Leaderboard – get bonus points for your bets;

– Loyalty program – bonuses for bets in online casinos, except for Live games, which can be exchanged for real money;

– Cashback up to 30%.

Some of these promotional offers are provided on a permanent basis, and some are temporary. Permanent promotions

The most popular current promotions from Rainbow Riches

Among the most popular offers at the Rainbow Riches bookmaker are the “Express Bonus” promotion for regular customers and the “Deposit Bonus” promotion for new players.

Express bonus from Rainbow Riches

This is an opportunity to get additional real money to your profit for each winning express with 5 or more events. According to the terms of the promotion, the bonus is credited only to the expresses where each event has odds of at least 1.3.

Depending on the number of events in the express, the player receives a different percentage of the bonus:

– For 5 events – 7% bonus;

– 6 – 8%;

– 7 – 9%;

– 8 – 10%;

– 9 – 11%;

– 10 – 12%;

– 11 or more events – 15% bonus.

Let’s take an example: we have a 6-event express with a total coefficient of 12.1. With a bet of $1,000, if the player managed to win, the net profit of the player will be $11,100. In addition, an 8% bonus is added to this amount. That is, the total winnings including the bonus will be:

1000+11100+888 (8% of the winning amount) = $12988.

You must admit that getting $888 more at 1vin is much more pleasant than getting a net win.

500% first deposit bonus

All new customers of the Rainbow Riches bookmaker can get +500% on their first deposit. That is, if a player makes a deposit of 2000 $, he or she will additionally receive 5 times more bonus money, namely 10000 $. Thus, the player will have a total of 12,000 $ on their main and bonus accounts, which can be used to place bets on sports.

The maximum deposit amount to receive the bonus is 9050 $. If you deposit this amount, you can get a bonus of 45,250 $, and in total, after replenishing your deposit, you will have 54,300 $!

In order to wager the bonus money at 1vin, you need to place regular bets with odds of 3 or higher. At the same time, the bookmaker provides players with additional funds from the bonus account if they win. Therefore, wagering bonus money is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

All wagered bonus money is automatically transferred to the player’s main account and is immediately available for use.

Afterwards, players can use the winnings at their own discretion. They can place bets on sports or play online games.

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