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Billions of people worldwide use social media daily. If you have a big or small business and are not using social media to generate sales, you’re missing out. Since the advent of social media marketing, the world has seen some amazing campaigns run on different platforms.  Some of them changed the way social media marketing worked.

However, running a successful social media campaign takes a hefty bit of hard work and creativity. This is how the campaign can stand out in an increasingly saturated market. If you’re about to launch a campaign for your brand, keep reading this article. We’ve brought a list of some amazing social media campaigns from which you can learn and take inspiration.

Make sure that you use multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. Also, keep an eye on the analytics after your launch. For all this, you need a stable internet connection, like Xtream Mediacom, that will keep you updated with every up and down. This is how you can make changes while the campaign is being run by keeping an eye on every detail.

With that sorted, the following are some of the best social media campaigns of all time.

  1. Real Beauty Campaign (Dove)

The Real Beauty Campaign by Dove can be considered one of the longest-running campaigns in history. It started in 2004 when the company conducted research. The results showed that only 2% of women considered themselves pretty. This was the start of a campaign that attached a white soap bar with beauty advocacy for women.

Dove used basic human emotions and turned them into something amazing. Even though 2004 social media wasn’t like today, this campaign used many digital platforms. Even today, Dove is running campaigns on platforms like Twitter (#SpeakBeautifulCampaign), Shutterstock (flooding images of women tagged with beautiful), and Getty Images (made images of women free for public use). As a result, Dove still remains a relevant brand in the beauty industry.

  1. Rebuild the World (Lego)

A campaign that runs on the ideas of overcoming barriers and reuniting with old friends, yes that’s the recipe for success. In over thirty years, Rebuild the World was Lego’s first brand campaign. The company released three playful videos on its YouTube channel. The first one was about children using their imagination and creativity to create unique art.

The second video, featuring Billy Porter, shows him having a discussion with children and they end up making a beautiful Lego crown. The third video was also a continuation of the former two amazing videos. The standing out point of this campaign was that these videos weren’t just another ad. These were actually uplifting that included real conversations.

  1. Shot on iPhone (Apple)

Although Apple didn’t need any specific social media campaign to sell and promote the presence of its phones, social media always helps. To promote its new line of phones, Apple came up with the Shot on iPhone campaign. The distinguishing factor of this campaign was that it featured original content that used new iPhones to create.

This campaign is a perfect example of how brands can harness user-generated content. Users were asked to upload content with #ShotoniPhone. This has 24.7 million posts till now. This campaign meant that Apple didn’t really have to spend money to create brand awareness and presence. Although there are only a few photos with #ShotoniPhone that feature the phone still, it is advertising the amazing camera quality of the iPhone.

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge (ALS Association)

ALS Association works for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is a neurodegenerative disease. In 2014, ALS Association came up with the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and gather donations as well. The challenge simply required the person to pour a bucket of ice water on their head or get someone to pour it.

Then they had to tag friends to do the same challenge and if they don’t, they’ll have to donate to the charity. The power of social media, the pressure of participation, and online image-building led to the creation of 2.4 million videos on Facebook alone. ALS Association revealed that they managed to generate $220 million in global donations.

  1. #WomenOwnWednesday (Verizon)

This campaign was launched in March 2021 when a study was conducted that a large number of women are quitting the workforce due to pandemic burnout. Verizon started this campaign, #WomenOwnWednesday that highlighted women-owned businesses. March is women’s history month and this campaign was carried out every Wednesday of March.

People were also asked to highlight their favorite women-led businesses and tag their posts with the hashtag for visibility. Verizon provided these women with networks of mentorship, free training, etc. so that it can help increase their connections and eventually sales. The brand also involved famous names in the campaign like designer Christian Siriano.


If you want your brand to run a successful social media campaign that can generate desired results, take inspiration from the above-mentioned ones. These are excellent examples of creating content at the right time that targets the correct audience.

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