Top 10 Side Income Affiliate Programs in Malaysia

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Affiliate marketing has emerged as a lucrative avenue for individuals seeking to bolster their income in Malaysia. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, affiliate programs have gained prominence, allowing individuals to promote products and services while earning commissions. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 side income affiliate programs in Malaysia, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for affiliate marketers. Making an informed choice when selecting an affiliate program is crucial for success in this competitive field.

1: BK8 Affiliate Program – Up To 45% Commission

BK8 is a prominent name in the Malaysian gambling industry, known for its wide range of casino games and sports betting options. With a strong reputation in the market, BK8 offers an enticing affiliate program that allows marketers to tap into the gaming enthusiasm of Malaysians.


  1. Lucrative Commissions: BK8’s affiliate program offers generous commissions, providing affiliates with a substantial source of income.
  2. Diverse Marketing Materials: Affiliates gain access to a wealth of marketing materials, including banners, landing pages, and promotional content.
  3. Strong Customer Support: BK8 prioritizes affiliate support, ensuring that marketers have the assistance they need to succeed.


  1. Limited Payment Options: Affiliates may find the payment options somewhat restricted, which could inconvenience those with specific preferences.
  2. Strict Approval Process: BK8 has a rigorous approval process, making it essential for affiliates to meet stringent criteria.

2: JD Sports Affiliate Program

JD Sports is a leading sportswear retailer in Malaysia, offering a vast selection of athletic apparel and footwear. Partnering with JD Sports through their affiliate program can be a lucrative opportunity for marketers in the fitness and fashion niches.


  1. High Conversion Rates: JD Sports enjoys high conversion rates, making it easier for affiliates to earn commissions.
  2. Extensive Product Catalog: Affiliates have a wide array of products to promote, catering to diverse customer preferences.
  3. Reliable Tracking System: JD Sports provides a dependable tracking system, ensuring that affiliates receive accurate credit for their referrals.


  1. Competitive Niche: The sportswear niche is highly competitive, requiring affiliates to employ effective marketing strategies to stand out.
  2. Payment Threshold Requirements: JD Sports may have payment threshold requirements that affiliates need to meet before receiving payouts.

3: Watsons Affiliate Program

Watsons is a renowned health and beauty retailer with a strong presence in Malaysia. Their affiliate program offers marketers the opportunity to promote a wide range of beauty and wellness products.


  1. Trusted Brand: Watsons is a trusted brand among Malaysians, which can boost conversion rates for affiliates.
  2. Competitive Commissions: The affiliate program offers competitive commissions, ensuring that marketers are duly rewarded.
  3. Regular Promotions: Watsons frequently runs promotions and discounts, providing affiliates with more selling points.


  1. Seasonal Demand: Affiliates in the health and beauty niche may experience fluctuations in demand based on seasonal trends.
  2. Cookie Duration: The cookie duration, which determines how long an affiliate receives credit for a referral, may be limited.

4: SkyScanner Affiliate Program

SkyScanner is a popular travel booking platform in Malaysia, allowing users to find the best flight and hotel deals. Affiliates can tap into the wanderlust of Malaysians by promoting SkyScanner’s services.


  1. High Earning Potential: The travel industry offers substantial earning potential for affiliates, especially with high-value bookings.
  2. Real-time Data Feeds: Affiliates can access real-time data feeds, ensuring that they have access to the latest travel deals.
  3. Global Reach: SkyScanner’s affiliate program caters to a global audience, broadening the scope of potential referrals.


  1. Competitive Travel Industry: The travel niche is competitive, necessitating effective marketing strategies to succeed.
  2. Complex Affiliate Dashboard: Some affiliates may find the platform’s dashboard intricate, requiring time to become familiar with it.

5: Exabytes Malaysia Affiliate Program

Exabytes is a reputable web hosting and digital services provider in Malaysia. Their affiliate program is particularly appealing to those in the tech and web development niches.


  1. Recurring Commissions: Exabytes offers recurring commissions, providing a consistent income stream for affiliates.
  2. Wide Range of Products: Affiliates can promote various web hosting and digital services, catering to different client needs.
  3. Affiliate Training Resources: Exabytes provides affiliates with training resources to enhance their marketing skills.


  1. Long Sales Cycle: Web hosting services often have a longer sales cycle, requiring patience from affiliates.
  2. Payment Delay: Some affiliates may experience delays in receiving payments, which could affect cash flow.

6: Sephora Affiliate Program

Sephora, a renowned beauty and cosmetics retailer, offers an affiliate program for those in the beauty and fashion niches.


  1. Attractive Commission Rates: Sephora’s affiliate program boasts attractive commission rates, enticing marketers to promote their products.
  2. Exclusive Product Launches: Affiliates gain access to exclusive product launches and promotions, increasing their appeal to customers.
  3. Dedicated Affiliate Support: Sephora provides dedicated support to affiliates, ensuring their success.


  1. Seasonal Promotions: Marketers in the beauty niche may experience fluctuations in demand due to seasonal trends.
  2. Stringent Brand Guidelines: Affiliates must adhere to Sephora’s stringent brand guidelines, which could limit creative freedom.

7: Affiliate Program is a leading online hotel booking platform in Malaysia, offering a wide selection of accommodations. Their affiliate program is a valuable opportunity for those in the travel and hospitality niches.


  1. Competitive Commissions: offers competitive commissions, allowing affiliates to earn substantial income.
  2. Access to Extensive Hotel Inventory: Affiliates can promote a vast array of hotels, catering to diverse traveller preferences.
  3. User-friendly Tools: The platform provides user-friendly tools and resources for affiliates to create effective campaigns.


  1. High Competition: The online hotel booking niche is highly competitive, requiring affiliates to employ effective marketing strategies.
  2. Booking Cancellations Impact Earnings: Cancellations by customers can impact affiliate earnings, as commissions may be reversed.

8: AXA E-Medic Card Affiliate Program

AXA, a reputable insurance provider, offers the E-Medic Card, a health insurance option in Malaysia. Affiliates can tap into the health-conscious market by promoting this product.


  1. High Commissions: AXA’s E-Medic Card affiliate program offers high commissions, providing affiliates with substantial earnings.
  2. Strong Brand Reputation: AXA is a trusted brand in the insurance industry, enhancing the product’s appeal.
  3. Health-Conscious Market: The Malaysian market values health, making the E-Medic Card a relevant and attractive product.


  1. Limited Target Audience: The product may have a limited target audience, necessitating niche-specific marketing strategies.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Challenges: Affiliates must navigate regulatory compliance issues related to insurance promotion.

9: ZALORA Affiliate Program

ZALORA is a prominent fashion e-commerce platform in Malaysia, offering a vast array of clothing and accessories. Their affiliate program appeals to those in the fashion and lifestyle niches.


  1. Fashionable Products: ZALORA offers trendy and fashionable products that resonate with Malaysian consumers.
  2. Regular Sales and Promotions: Affiliates can leverage ZALORA’s regular sales and promotions to drive conversions.
  3. High Conversion Rates: The platform enjoys high conversion rates, making it easier for affiliates to earn commissions.


  1. Competitive Fashion Industry: The fashion niche is highly competitive, requiring affiliates to employ effective marketing strategies.
  2. Payment Thresholds: Affiliates may need to meet payment threshold requirements before receiving their earnings.

10: Lazada Affiliate Program

Lazada is one of the largest online marketplaces in Malaysia, offering a diverse range of products. Their affiliate program allows marketers to tap into the popularity of online shopping.


  1. Wide Product Range: Lazada offers an extensive product catalog, catering to various consumer needs.
  2. Seasonal Promotions: Affiliates can capitalise on Lazada’s seasonal promotions and special events to boost sales.
  3. Reliable Payment System: Lazada provides a reliable payment system, ensuring affiliates receive their earnings promptly.


  1. Intense Competition: The online marketplace niche is highly competitive, requiring effective marketing strategies to succeed.
  2. Adherence to Guidelines: Affiliates must adhere to Lazada’s guidelines, which can limit creative freedom.


In conclusion, these top 10 side income affiliate programs in Malaysia offer diverse opportunities for individuals looking to boost their earnings. From the gaming excitement of BK8 to the fashion appeal of ZALORA, each program has its unique advantages and challenges. Choosing the right program depends on your niche, audience, and marketing skills. As affiliate marketing continues to thrive, aspiring marketers should explore these programs further and embark on their affiliate marketing journey with confidence.


Q1: How do I get started with affiliate marketing in Malaysia?

A1: To begin, choose a niche you are passionate about, sign up for an affiliate program, create valuable content, and promote products to your target audience.

Q2: Can I join multiple affiliate programs at once?

A2: Yes, you can join multiple affiliate programs simultaneously to diversify your income sources.

Q3: How do I receive affiliate payments?

A3: Most affiliate programs offer payments through bank transfers, PayPal, or checks, depending on your preference and the program’s terms.

Q4: Is affiliate marketing suitable for beginners?

A4: Yes, affiliate marketing is beginner-friendly, but it requires dedication, research, and patience to succeed.

Q5: Do I need a website or blog to be an affiliate marketer?

A5: While a website or blog can be helpful, it’s not mandatory. You can promote affiliate products through social media, email marketing, or other online platforms.

Q6: Are there any upfront costs associated with affiliate marketing?

A6: Generally, affiliate marketing is free to join, but you may incur costs for website hosting, domain registration, or marketing tools depending on your chosen approach.

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