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From encyclopedic outposts stocking cult favorites to Instagram-friendly brand flagships, NYC is home to an array of unique beauty stores. From NYX cosmetics with their cute packaging and strong pigmentation to Glossier’s showroom that regularly draws down-the-block lines, here are seven must-visit beauty spots.

With a laid-back vibe and expansive selection, hair stores near offers something for everyone. From coveted skincare products to cosmetic must-haves and fragrance best sellers, they offer a unique omnichannel experience while prioritizing sustainability.

You Can Try It Before You Buy It

When you’re looking for makeup or hair products, a beauty supply store is your best bet. Unlike your local drugstore or grocery store, which only sells products that are mass-produced and stocked on shelves, a beauty supply store is full of high-end cosmetics that you can try out before you buy them.

If you’re unsure of what to purchase, ask an expert for advice. Most beauty stores have knowledgeable staff who are willing to answer your questions. They can recommend products based on your skin type, hair texture and preferences. They can even help you find the perfect shade of lipstick or eyeshadow for your complexion.

Whether you’re shopping online or in-person, most beauty supply stores offer free samples so you can test out products before you buy them. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always return it for a refund.

Located near Trader Joe’s in Pacific Beach, Empire Beauty Supply is an unassuming beauty supply store that offers professional products. Its selection of hair tools, extensions, setting powders, lipsticks and lip glosses is impressive and affordable. It also carries brands like NYX, KISS and L.A. Girl. This beauty supply store also provides customers with coupons and discounts. Its website features a blog with articles about different beauty trends. It also has a customer service number so customers can call with any questions.

You Can Save Money

Buying beauty products can add up fast, and it’s always good to find ways to cut costs. Fortunately, there are many tips from beauty bloggers and money-saving gurus that can help you keep your expenses low while still looking and feeling beautiful.

For example, you can take advantage of online coupons and discounts to cut down on the cost of your cosmetics. Many online retailers like Sephora and Ulta offer coupon codes and sales throughout the year that can save you a lot of money. Plus, you can also take advantage of websites that offer cash back or free gift cards on every purchase.

Another way to save money on beauty products is to buy them in bulk. This can be a great option for items that you use regularly, such as shampoo and conditioner. Some online retailers, such as Vitacost and Dermstore, even allow you to schedule regular deliveries of your favorite products for a discounted rate.

You can also shop at discount stores like TJMaxx to find discounted beauty products. Many large beauty brands send overstock or discontinued items to these stores, where they’re often sold at a steep discount. Plus, if you’re willing to wait a few months for a product, you can often get it at a much cheaper price during a sale.

You Can Ask Questions

The employees at a beauty store are very knowledgeable about the products they sell. They can give you advice on what product will work best for you based on your skin type and color, and they can also provide tips on how to apply makeup or use hair care products.

Many beauty supplies stores offer a variety of high-end cosmetics and skincare products to appeal to a wide range of consumers. In addition to providing a wide selection of products, they also offer discounts and specials on certain items throughout the year. For example, Ulta Beauty ran a Black Friday 2022 sale with deals on their bestselling products, while Sephora featured gift sets and curated collections for holiday shopping.

If you’re planning to open a beauty supply store, it is important to make sure that you have the right business structure in place. You should also consider how you’ll market your business and determine what type of inventory to carry. Finally, you’ll need to consider the insurance that is required by your state and local laws.

Typically, beauty supply stores are organized as a sole proprietorship, which means that the owner and the business are one legal entity. However, you may also want to explore forming an LLC, which offers greater protection for the owner against personal liability.

You Can Get Help

Many beauty supplies stores are run by people with expertise in makeup and hair, and they’re happy to help customers find the products that are right for them. You can ask them questions or even get a makeover by one of the store’s staff members.

For example, Sephora allows customers to write reviews for all of its products and share photos that show how the product works with their own skin or hair type. These honest, even less-than-glowing reviews build trust and help potential customers feel confident in the products they’re buying.

In addition to helping customers, beauty supply stores also provide valuable tips and tricks for using their products. Some offer tutorial videos, while others have blogs or other resources that can educate customers on how to use their products to the fullest extent possible.

Having a website is important for a korean beauty store because it gives customers a way to browse and purchase products without having to leave the comfort of their homes. When choosing a site theme, consider whether it is mobile-optimized or not since more than half of online shoppers are on smartphones.


The beauty industry is a very competitive one, but there are ways for small businesses to stand out from the competition. For instance, if you’re an independent retailer, you can focus on a specific niche by offering specialized products that meet the needs of your target market.

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