Want A Home Cinema? The Projector Will Be Your Best Partner

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Using a projector at home is no longer rare but a common choice for an enormous number of families. Instead of seeing a movie at the cinema, using a projector at home may give you a better experience. For sure, a good watching experience is determined by the environment and the performance of the projector, and the performance could vary from the price and hardware, In this article, we will talk about some ideas to pick a better projector

What Features Will Affect the Image Quality and User Experience? 

Like many electronic devices, the projector may come out with various results based on the performance of the hardware. Here, we will explain these features in detail.

The Hardware of Projectors

  • Brightness

A projector’s brightness determines whether or not it can be used during the day or only at night. The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens, which are used by the projector industry. The higher the ANSI lumens figure, the more clear the projected display is, and the more expensive the projector. ANSI lumens are measured as the brightness of the projector when it is projected onto a curtain or white wall. Besides, make sure that you choose the right projectors with better lumens. In the market, some normal projector brands claim that their projector could reach 80,000 lumens, while branded, pricey projectors have only 8,000 lumens. Choose ANSI lumens rather than a producer who only marks lumens, and be sure to check whether the brightness refers to the brightness of the light source or the brightness on the curtain! 

  • Resolutions

The most obvious way to influence screen clarity is through resolution; at the same screen size, a higher resolution corresponds to a more delicate and clear display. The resolution of an average TV is roughly 1080p, or 720p, with a maximum clarity of 4K. Sometimes, the manufacturer tells you that there are two types of resolutions: standard resolution and compatibel resolution. It may be difficult to understand which resolution we should consider, while there is a trick to know the real resolution that a projector could reach: checking the chip! Generally speaking, the DMD chip has a higher light utilization and better image quality when it is large enough. Besides, a physical resolution of 720p is represented by a 0.33-inch chip, and 1080p is represented by a 0.47-inch chip. 4K resolution is equivalent to a 0.66-inch chip.

  • Light Source

Standard projectors use LED as the main light source, and it is the only consumable part. Technically, LED is more cost-effective, and the light source is stable. However, the brightness is not enough to work during the daytime, and laser projectors will perform better. Through such an astounding display quality, a laser projector could even exceed the video quality of a TV in brightness, color, and smoothness.


In conclusion, using a projector has become popular, as users can have an amazing experience compared to normal TVs. To achieve a better performance, users should take some features into account. Firstly, the brightness is the vital part as it affects how clearly you can see during the daytime. Accordingly, a projector with greater ANSI lumens should work better from this perspective. Secondly, higher resolutions will bring us a display under a more delicate and clear quality. Furthermore, the light source could support the projector to work stably. Compared to the cost-effective LED light source, the projector with a laser light will promote the display quality, which may even exceed the quality of the TV.  

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