The Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

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Learning has become quite fluid today thanks to the availability of vast educational resources available online. Youtube is one of the leading websites that offer millions of educational videos on a variety of topics and subjects. Just think of any possible area of interest and type your search. You will be flooded by hundreds of videos related to your search.

YouTube is also the second most popular search engine despite offering an extensive library of useful content ranging from technology videos to satisfying videos. Some of the most popular searches include music videos, graphic design tutorials, online games, educational videos, travel vlogs, comedy shorts, and the list goes on.

If you’re looking to gain from YouTube’s endless ocean of resources, you’re at the right place. Like all social media platforms, algorithms run our spaces for us now which means, what you start searching, will automatically start appearing on your feed regularly. All you need to do is start searching. And as a wise man once said, what you seek is seeking you, YouTube will follow!

Before we move on to uncovering our own favorite educational channels for kids, we’re letting you in on the secret to discovering the right content for yourself. The first and perhaps the most important step is knowing what you’re looking for.

Let’s say you want to enhance your mathematic skills, and you know which topic you’re weak in, simply search for tutorials on that specific type of mathematic problem and you’ll find a lot of videos teaching you many ways to solve them. Find the best channel that you think is easy to follow and subscribe to it. When you subscribe to a channel, the tags on that channel will lead you to similar channels, and viola! You will automatically have your own curated library of content.

As you might already know, videos take a greater bandwidth to be buffered. To make sure you get a smooth streaming experience, make sure your internet speed is up to the mark. We suggest you hook yourself up with one of the best internet like fioptics internet which offers super fast speed and unlimited data.

Now, without any further ado, let us look at some of our favorite educational channels for kids on YouTube.

1.   Kids Learning Tube

This channel is a great source of fun and engaging educational videos for children. Each video has a topic theme that is broken down into smaller, easy-to-understand concepts that are interactive and provide a fun learning experience. From songs to rhymes, these videos teach basic general knowledge like what our planet is, how we grow and use vegetables, to mental health topics like dealing with stress and anxiety.

With its cute animation and catchy songs, this channel will soon be at the top of your child’s list in no time. So subscribe to the channel and be sure to stay updated on all the kiddy news!

2.   TED-Ed

Does your child frequently ask existential questions that hit you with your own mid-life crisis? Well, to deal with the situation in a better, more graceful way, hand them this YouTube channel that will satisfy all their whys and hows.

TED-Ed is home to thousands of videos that address difficult childhood questions like Why do we exist? Where do we come from? Why does it rain? And a million more darting questions that leave you speechless. This channel has a neat curated list of videos categorized under topics like Science, Nature, Love, etc. so you can quickly get your hands on the right video that your child is curious about.

3.   SciShow Kids

Kids love to learn through entertainment. There’s a lot they learn while watching their favorite cartoons every day. Why not merge entertainment with education? SciShow Kids is just the right channel in that case. This channel features a rat robot and a host named Jessi who help discover answers to the most pressing childhood questions like how airplanes fly and leave a white trail on their way! Well, it sure does need some explaining, right?

This channel is great for kindergarten kids who have a million mind-boggling questions all the time!

4.   Art for Kids Hub

This YouTube channel is for all parents with artsy kids who can’t get enough of scribbling on the walls. Yes, get them a canvas, please! This YouTube channel is created by Rob, who has four kids himself. He regularly uploads art videos aimed at primary school kids, to help them explore art, and colors and develop their creative skills.

This is a great channel to follow as teaching your kid to explore art and creativity at a young age will develop their skills from an early age and make them more confident and creative!

5.   Nat Geo Kids

Kids are particularly interested in animals for some very odd reason. You’ll find them imitating and walking like their favorite cat or dog and before they start adopting wilder traits, hook them to this great YouTube channel that is dedicated to teaching them all about animals.

Nat Geo Kids also have many subchannels like Things You Wanna Know, Party Animals, and Best Job Ever, which help kids explore different animals and how they live. You might even catch yourself hooked on this channel, no guarantee taken!


Kids in the first few years of their life have the most potential to learn, explore and understand their environment. It is also the time when their brain is growing and it is easier for them to understand and learn new ideas. Make the most of your kid’s learning phase and make the best use of the millions of YouTube channels dedicated to engaging young children to satisfy their brains!

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