5 side hustles to do as a student

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College can be costly with tuition, textbooks, housing, food, transportation, social events, etc. As a college student, having some extra cash is always good, and side hustles are the way to go. They can help you boost your skill set, give you some memorable experiences, and earn money. With busy schedules, working full-time or part-time seems impossible for students, so side hustles can be the best option. You can choose what, where and how often you work.

This blog will tell you 5 side hustles you can do as a student!

1. Survey Apps

One of college students’ most well-known legal secondary job is taking surveys. You don’t need to advertise your services or have much time or special abilities. Instead, you open a survey-taking app like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, or Swagbucks, fill out your profile, and start taking surveys.

Market research firms send out surveys to get consumer feedback on goods and brands. Because these opinions enable them to develop superior goods and services, they pay college students to provide them.

Only a little money can be made by taking questionnaires. Plus, suppose you register for several platforms then, you improve your chances of being able to pay your bills by taking surveys in your spare time. Most survey websites operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to return frequently to take advantage of the surveys with the most significant payouts.

2. Freelancing

The internet’s efficiency has undoubtedly benefited freelancing, making it simpler than ever for seasoned (and aspiring) writers, programmers, designers, and other specialists to interact with clients and offer their services from any location.

Freelancing could be a side job if you’re searching for something with lots of space for growth and relatively quick returns. While working as a freelancer does require you to exchange your time for money right away, the road to success is faster than waiting for a product to gain popularity.

For soon-to-be or recent graduates who find themselves being pushed out of full-time employment by more seasoned peers, freelancing is an excellent side business. Working on a project-by-project basis gives some pros a chance to make money while developing a solid portfolio and client list for their resumes.

3. Dropshipping Business

Consider starting a dropshipping company if you enjoy the mechanical parts of print-on-demand but are more interested in marketing and operations than creating custom designs. Another company strategy is drop shipping, where a third party manufactures and ships your existing products.

Because products are only shipped after purchase, dropshipping is also a low-risk business chance. As long as your marketing costs are reasonable, there is plenty of space for profit. Dropshipping also saves time since production and shipping are handled by a third party.

That time can be used to identify a market niche, market your goods, locate new customers, or assist existing ones. Dropshipping is undoubtedly a side business for those who want to exercise their marketing muscles because product development and design should be included in this equation.

4. Sell Your Study Notes

You might not want to start a secondary business because you excel in school. That might be a side hustle. Your study papers can be sold.

This is made feasible by systems like Nexus Notes and Omega Notes. While Nexus Notes and Omega Notes take a share of the study notes you sell, depending on the notes you’re taking classes for, you can make about $15 per set of study notes.

So give this side business a shot if you enjoy learning, are incredibly orderly, and want to earn extra money.

5. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

If you enjoy caring for animals, why not earn money doing so? Because you get to spend time with your furry friends and make additional money, pet sitting can be rewarding. You can use third-party services like Rover or promote your pet-sitting Business online or around campus.

Ensure you have specified what you will and won’t do before agreeing to pet sit or walk animals. Think about, if you monitor dogs, will you occupy the home or pay the animals frequent visits while the owners are away? How frequently and how far will you take your pet on a walk?

Examine the prices that local dog walkers and pet sitters ask to be competitive. Consider the services they don’t provide to have an advantage over the competitors and earn more money. Consider the services they don’t offer.


The ability to use side hustles as a learning environment to learn how to make money is an overlooked advantage of having one. Since most of us depend on traditional careers to support our families, making money requires a unique ability that can sometimes be more intuitive. You can practice in front of an audience and try ideas with side jobs.

Additionally, side jobs are more than just a way to supplement your revenue. By starting a secondary business, you can develop essential skills and advance professionally and as an entrepreneur. A side hustle can give writers, actors, painters, musicians, and other artists of all stripes artistic independence, professional development, and a lucrative means to turn your passion into your vocation!

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