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In fast-paced countries like India, where businesses continue to rise, it is wrong to underrate the significance of customer support. Imagine that you are doing business with a reputed client. But you are facing an issue or a complaint. In such an instance, what can be the solution? You contact the customer support officials and share your queries or complaints. You will soon observe that your doubts or complaints are solved. All this has been possible due to the excellent customer support provided by them. Continue reading the blog to unveil the numerous benefits of the customer business support platform

Merits of Customer Support Platforms

The benefits of using Customer Support Platforms in modern times are as follows:

  • Improved customer satisfaction– Customer satisfaction is primary for the success of an organization. How can you expect a business to succeed if the customers are unhappy with the service? When customers are satisfied with their service and receive quick solutions, they spread positive feedback about the company. They are keen on doing business with that company repeatedly. In addition, customer satisfaction promotes loyalty and is vital for long-term success in the competitive market. Reports from the Customer Satisfaction Index suggest that around 85% of the clients expressed happiness when organizations responded to their queries and complaints rapidly.
  • Enhanced Efficiency– Enhanced efficiency is primary for the growth of an organization. With quick customer support, it is easy to handle customer queries and automate functions. Automated functions make it easier to identify and solve the issues of the customers fast. In addition, it reduces human errors and decreases the time needed to solve the queries. Since the mode of handling doubts and complaints is online, it enables the workers to focus on more challenging tasks, leading to a productive work environment. Reports from a study by McKinsey suggest that organizations using customer support applications observed around 20% more efficiency.
  • 24*7 support– In the present digital era, customer support 24*7 plays an essential role in the success of an organization. The advent of technology has made interaction between the business and the clients possible throughout the day. Most importantly, for seeking customer support, the boundaries of time and location do not matter. Yes, you heard it right. You can contact the customer support team at the helpline number provided. In case you fail to connect with the customer support team, you can contact them through virtual means. You can chat with them in the chatbox. An essential feature of using chatbox is that you get instant responses from the customer support team.

For active social media users, you can use social media to interact with the customer support team. Yes, you heard it right. Some businesses have verified accounts and active presence on social media platforms. You can message them on social media platforms. Or you can use “tags” to share your queries and complaints with them. In addition, you can use e-mail support to contact them. A survey conducted by Business Harvard Review indicates that organizations using several portals to interact with their customers remarked around 15% of increased customer retention.

  • Data-driven Insights– You must have seen promotional stories and posts when scrolling through your social media. Or you must have seen promotional E-mails in your inbox. Do you have any clue about receiving promotional E-mails and social media posts? Continue reading to learn the answer.

In present times, successful organizations use several performance metrics to know about the choices, preferences and likes and dislikes of customers. It proves a boom for the businesses. In short, these promotional stories, E-mails and social media posts are because of the data collected from these metrics. It provides valuable insights into the choices, preferences and likings of the customers. They evaluate the data and use it. Research suggests that these data-driven insights play a prime role in organizational success. A report from Forbes indicates that these insights lead to around a 15% increase in the sales volume and profit margin.

  • Cost-effectiveness– The primary benefit of using customer support software in modern times is that it is a cost-effective method to increase sales and enhance productivity. Automated functions help in decreasing operational costs and reducing the cost of manual labour. Since the mode of handling the entire process is online, they can use their funds wisely. Reports from Deloitte suggest that organizations using customer support software observed decreased operational costs by around 15%.
  • Brand Loyalty– A primary advantage of excellent customer service is enhanced brand loyalty. When customers observe that their queries and complaints are handled and answered quickly, they turn loyal towards the organization. Do you know brand loyalty helps in increasing sales and profit? You must be wondering: How? Continue reading to learn the answer.            When the customers observe a quick response to their queries and complaints, they are overwhelmed with their service. As a result, they spread positive comments about the service in online portals. In addition, they refer your organization to their near and dear ones. They feel motivated and are keen to receive excellent service from your end. By dedicatedly providing an excellent service to their clients, they build their trust and secure a reputation in the competitive market. A survey from Accenture suggests that around 75% of customers repeatedly do business with the same organization.

Conclusion– It is wrong to underrate the significance of an effective customer support platform for your business in India. The primary intent of this blog has been to highlight the effectiveness of customer support platforms in countries like India. Quick resolution of issues and customer satisfaction are the cornerstone of organizational success. Customer Support Platforms are popular as they ease business functioning, improve efficiency by providing quick solutions, and decrease the possibility of human errors. It is easy to interact with the customer support team through chatbox, social media, E-mail support, etc. Data-driven insights play a prime role in organizational success. These inform organizations about the choices and preferences of their customers. Organizations using customer support platforms reported a decrease in their expense.

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