Why Hiring a Dedicated iOS Developer is Crucial for Your App Development Project. 

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Are you planning to jump in the Apple basket with your iOS application? The app market is growing daily, and if you plan to launch your app, now is a good time. 36,000 apps were released on Apple App Store in June 2023, which has increased four times from 2019. 

Before you make the jump, the first thing to consider is to hire iOS developer for your project. Apple had paid iOS app developers around $320 billion to sell services and products through the App Store. 

Consulting an app development company before starting your app journey reduces the risk of getting it wrong. Moon Technolabs facilitates all the pre-development information and guides you through your iOS app development journey. It is imperative to get post-launch

support from the app development company as they know all the project details and what could go wrong. 

Tip: Research your way to the app development company. 

Pick a company with good Clutch, Good Firms, and Bark ratings. These platforms are authentic B2B rating platforms. 

Understanding the Role of an iOS Developer 

In the app development journey, a team has to take up multiple roles like application designer, developer, tester, etc. Likewise, iOS development is also a multi-facet role. The first is having sound knowledge of programming languages like Swift, Objective C, and Xcode (Apple’s editor). Other roles are: 

  • Create and build your app from the ground up. 
  • Easily maintain your app’s quality, brand, and user experience; test and improve it as needed. 
  • Identify bottlenecks and render changes based on user feedback. 

Even post-launch, they help in support and maintenance for the App Store. 

Depending on your need, you can always opt for a dedicated developer, a freelance developer, or an in-house developer. Hire iOS developers as per your business requirements and the time duration of your project. Long-term or short-term projects have different requirements when thinking to hire iOS developers. Many companies have different models facilitating client needs. 

Moon Technolabs offers various engagement models with flexibility and ease of use. These models are designed considering the time duration, project needs, etc. 

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated iOS Developer 

Knowledge of programming languages like Swift and Objective C makes a candidate desirable.

XcodeIDE Apple’s Integrated Development Environment(IDE) has become essential to iOS app developer knowledge. Besides, a fair understanding of unit testing to test the functionality of an application is necessary. 

If you hire dedicated iOS developer with the skills to utilise grand central dispatch (GCD), know that “he is a keeper.” Awareness of JSON, spatial reasoning, and UI/UX designs are some additional technical abilities to look for when you hire iOS developers. 

The above were some technical skills to look out for in a technically sound iOS developer. But it is not always just about tech skills; soft skills also play a huge role in making a good iOS developer. 

Some of them are: 

Commitment to your project’s success 

The word dedicated describes the developer’s commitment to your project. The dedicated developer should be proficient in Swift, Objective C, and Xcode IDE. These are the core requirements for a good iOS developer. Other things depend on the project requirements, like experience or skills. Some projects can be accomplished with junior iOS developers and mid-level iOS developers. This helps in the cost-cutting of the overall project. 

Better communication and collaboration 

When issues and solutions are well-communicated, a team only functions well and gives better results. Communication brings in every team member’s participation, making the project successful. 

Expertise and up-to-date knowledge 

There is no fixed formula for hiring talent. You know you have come across an exceptionally talented developer when you get all your questions answered. One test project, and you know you found a gem. Hire them immediately. 

Remember that updated knowledge always saves you a lot of money while hiring. Knowledge of the latest trends, apple guidelines, and issues differentiates a good iOS developer. 

How to Hire a Dedicated iOS Developer 

Research and define your project requirements. 

Defining project requirements is the first step of hiring. It defines a clear vision and goals to achieve. The scope, complexity, and features you want in your app are part of the project requirements. This helps you clarify what desired skill set and experience the iOS developers need.

Evaluating Previous Experience and Portfolio 

It is wise to talk about the previous experiences of the developer. It gives you an idea about what projects they have handled and what skills they have. Before you hire iOS developers, make sure to check their portfolios and have a talk with past employers to know about them. 

Choosing the suitable hiring model 


When planning to hire iOS developers, in-house hiring is a decent option. The planning involves putting all your time and sweat into selecting the right developer on platforms like LinkedIn, job sites, etc. The next step involves scheduling interviews, interviewing shortlisted candidates, and selecting. This involves a tremendous amount of time and resources. But it is a good choice when you want complete project control. 


Hire iOS developers from a freelance site like Fiverr, Upwork, or others. Freelance developers vary their charges from project to project. The cost is higher when compared to appointing in-house developers. But if you want urgent project completion and direct contact with the developer, then freelancing is excellent. 


You can always outsource your project to an app development company. Yes, it is more expensive than freelancing, but you don’t have to deal with the hassle of in-house arrangements, incurred costs, etc. It assures you of quality work with no worries. 

Moon Technolabs has expertise in developing multiple iOS projects with years of experience and is a good choice if you plan to outsource. 

Cost Comparison: Dedicated vs. Freelance vs. In-house Developers 

The cost of various models depends on factors like time, skills, etc. A dedicated hiring model is best for long-term projects. But you can also choose it for short-term projects if you are eyeing greater efficiency. A dedicated hiring model is apt for business models with frequently changing needs.

A fixed hiring model is suitable for urgent requirements. One advantage of this model is that you already know the rates, so you can easily plan the budget. A fixed-rate model is good for those who don’t want the hassle of waiting and negotiating. The fixed model can also act as a freelance model. 

The different rates charged by iOS developers in different regions. This shows that even the location is essential when hiring a dedicated iOS developer. 

Benefits of investing in a dedicated iOS developer

A dedicated developer model has multiple benefits with it. 

  • Expertise in iOS development 
  • Seamless user experience 
  • Scalability and Flexibility 
  • Transparent Communication 

Some long-term benefits include focus, specialized knowledge, and future cooperation. Quick, effective results with constant attention to the project are some qualities of a

dedicated iOS developer. The extensive knowledge of Apple’s guidelines and ecosystem makes them the obvious choice. To excel at project delivery, the iOS developer must have detailed knowledge of your project, great communication skills, and a solution-oriented mindset. 

Lastly, long-term projects require long-term commitments. In the case of freelancers, this is not possible, which is why choosing dedicated iOS developers is a good decision. Additionally, post-launch updates, support, and maintenance are efficient. 

Case Studies: Real-Life Examples of Successful Projects with Dedicated iOS Developers 

Some famous examples of dedicated iOS apps are WhatsApp, Instagram, Uber, and Spotify. These are just a few giants to mention having immense success as dedicated iOS apps by dedicated developers. 

Moon Technolabs has developed many iOS apps like MyFreelap, SSHClient, Majalis, iUtility, and others. Each of these apps served a different purpose. For example, Majalis was an app for the Capital Governorate of Bahrain, who wanted an iOS app to keep track of neighbourhood activities. Majalis was written in Swift to keep it on par with the competition and Apple guidelines. 


iOS apps have great potential, and the market is growing day by day. This is positively impacting the iOS app development market. While developing an iOS app, it becomes crucial to hire dedicated iOS developer for the project’s success. 

It is wise to look for technical and soft skills in a developer with a fair knowledge of Apple guidelines. Research and read more about “How to hire iOS developers” to understand the process. 

Happy hiring! 

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