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I9BET is currently a name that makes waves throughout Vietnam’s online entertainment market. So what makes this online game provider so attractive to so many players? Let’s learn more about this playground to get the answer, you will surely go from one surprise to another.

1.About the online game provider I9BET

Although launched not long ago, but I9BET is very famous and has a wide scale of operation. Since its launch, the game portal has attracted more than 10 million members registered to participate in the experience. It can be seen that this is a small number that not all game portals can do.

About the online game provider I9BET

To own the current scale of operations around the world, it is clear that this playground must possess prestige, quality and legitimacy.

At the beginning of its establishment, the unit was legally licensed to operate by the competent authority from Costa Rica.

When entering the Asian market, I9BET has been licensed by the leading prestigious organization in the Philippines – PAGCOR.

In addition, this unit also operates under a legal license provided by the prestigious Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port organization.

2.I9BET and a series of advantages that make up the brand

In order to build a powerful empire as it is today, this playground must have many strengths. Among them, the highlights are:

2.1 Modern interface

The playground chooses warm and hot tones of red, yellow and orange that are not picky, brilliant but still delicate and luxurious. The categories are arranged systematically and scientifically to bring convenience for gamers to use. Besides the sharp image, the vivid sound element is also carefully invested by the game portal to bring the most realistic feeling.

2.2 Platform diversification

Currently, in addition to the online website, I9BET also launches a mobile application version. The App is compatible with the most popular iOS and Android devices. You can download the application to your device and participate in entertainment anytime, anywhere. Break all the limitations of time and space in the past.

I9BET Diversify Platform

2.3 Hot deals and promotions

To create attraction, promotions are indispensable when coming to I9BET. Some outstanding programs here that gamers have the opportunity to receive include:

Newbie welcome promotion

100% promotion on first deposit

Promotion bonus 5% deposit every day

Daily check-in hard to receive immediately 68K

On special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, … the game portal also offers many attractive incentives for members.

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3.Classy game store only at I9BET

This online game provider invests heavily in products and services to provide a wide range of choices for players. Encapsulated in 4 words “massive game store” is enough to understand how terrible the entertainment products here are.

3.1Sports Online

This is considered the main product that the game portal focuses on developing. The unit provides 5 sports halls from famous, reputable and quality suppliers such as: SABA Sports, United Gaming, CMD Sports, SBOBET Sports,…

Currently, I9BET has added 2 game halls SBOBET and BTi. The sports halls are very diverse in terms of odds for you to choose from. Can participate in the experience with many types of popular sports today with thousands of events that are updated continuously every day.

Online Sports at I9BET

3.2 Online Casino

Having mentioned I9BET casino, it is impossible not to name the playing halls such as: AE Sexy, Dreamgaming, WM, AG, Playtech, BBIN, etc. These are all reputable and quality big names. You can start participating in any lobby you want from Asia to Europe.

Of course, these playing halls all bring exciting experiences from today’s hot games such as: Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Lake, Fantan, Roulette,… Especially, with the appearance of human Dealers. hot, beautiful will make the game more interesting. That gives the feeling of class like sitting directly in the casino.

3.3 Dramatic cockfighting

Coming to the world of I9BET, it is definitely impossible to ignore cockfighting and horse racing. These are interesting games that are receiving a lot of attention from many players. The matches are live live with full HD quality, true, sharp. The method of placing money is also very simple and easy. Even if you are new to this type of game, you can bet quickly.

It can be said that I9BET is the convergence of all the quintessence of modern entertainment with all kinds of hot hits. Above all, come to this playground to experience and show your bravery today!

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