How to Use Vitamin C Serum in Your Skincare Routine

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A skincare routine is vital for everyone to have smooth and radiant skin. The times we are in right now challenge our skin and make it difficult to protect against skin damage. All this is a consequence of pollution and global warming. Learn how to use vitamin C serum in your skincare routine and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

1. In Morning

Serums are lightweight liquids with a higher concentration of a single component to provide various skin benefits. One such serum is Vitamin C serum with the goodness of Vitamin C for skincare.

So, you can add it to your skincare routine and use it well during the daytime keeping a few points in mind. Let us discuss them.

1.1. Before Moisturizer

Apply Vitamin C serum and let it absorb into your skin completely. Tap your skin to help the serum get absorbed easily. Afterwards, use a good moisturizer to moist your skin and compact the benefits of serum to your skin.

1.2. Do Not Pair with AHAs and BHAs

The must thing to keep in mind is to avoid skin products containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) or BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids). Just like Vitamin C serum that contains L-ascorbic acid; AHAs and BHAs are also acids. So, they tend to disturb the pH of your skin. Thus, they will either nullify the effect or have a reverse effect on your skin. Hence, AHA and BHA-free moisturizer must be used along with Vitamin C serum.

1.3. Works Great with Vitamin E

They both contain anti-aging and antioxidant properties. And hence, helps protect against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. As they both work great together, they prevent sunburns, skin inflammation, and even psoriasis. They increase collagen production, lightening the skin tone.

1.4. Use Sunscreen to Avoid Sun Damage

It is important to apply sunscreen – the SPFs have an extra layer of protection when exposing your skin to the sun. Vitamin C serum alone can not fight back the UV rays and can even become the cause of sunburn, rashes, and other skin problems if exposed to sunlight with SPF. So, be sure to apply sunscreen thoroughly, after the application of a good moisturizer on Vitamin C serum when going out in sunlight.

2. Before Going to Bed  

You don’t need to include Vitamin C serum in your daycare routine, but also you can apply it at bedtime. Before going to bed, you can apply the serum properly all over the face and neck. Then, you fall asleep while the serum commences its work of benefiting your skin throughout.


Many people find it difficult to find out when to use such products. So far, you have seen how Vitamin C works to benefit our skin. Adding it to your skincare routine, helps in preventing the skin not just from fine lines and redness but also increases the collagen that makes the skin plump. Because that is the time when your body’s face changes. So the ideal time is early 20s to 30s.

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