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Planting a memory tree for a friend, loved one, or even a beloved pet is a beautiful way to remember their passing. There are many benefits of planting a memorial tree. Planting a tree is good for the earth and creates a memorial lasting many years. Trees take carbon monoxide from our air and return much-needed oxygen to the planet, vital for a healthy existence.

Trees also provide habitat for wildlife along with necessary shade and ground cover. Deciding to plant a tree in memory of someone means that you are also being a good steward of our planet. With reforestation projects available from coast to coast, our National Forests are working diligently to restore our woodlands to maintain the health and glory of our nation’s parks.

Reforestation Projects

One of the easiest ways to plant a memory tree is to contact a service that works in conjunction with the National Forest’s reforestation projects. Locate a website online where you can purchase a memorial tree planted in the park of your choice. Search online for how to plant a tree in memory of someone.

Consider a location that had special meaning to the recipient of your memorial tree. After locating a service that plants memorial trees, choose an area to plant your tree or trees. For reforestation projects around the country in our National Parks or local communities, you can plant a singular tree or an entire grove of trees at little expense.

With pricing starting at about ten dollars for one tree, significant discounts are typically offered for planting multiple trees simultaneously for your recipient. A personalized, high-quality memorial card will be mailed directly to the recipient with your return address as provided.

Home Memorials

For planting a memorial tree at home or in another location near and dear to your recipient, consider the option of shipping a tree directly to the planting site. Shipping a memorial tree to be planted by the recipient is as easy as sending flowers.

Trees can be shipped directly from the vendor to the intended location, with planting instructions and proper placement.  Your tree will include instructions for general care, watering, and suggested fertilizing needs.

Be sure to follow instructions to ensure your tree will last for many years.  Contact your local gardening center for more information on shipping trees directly to plant a tree in memory of someone.

Sustainable Gifting

According to a popular tree planting service, four acres of forest are restored for every 1000 trees planted. It quickly becomes apparent just how beneficial it is to plant a tree, or trees, in memory of someone with a sustainable gift to nature. Not only are you creating a beautiful remembrance for someone special, but you will be helping conservation organizations nationwide to maintain and protect our natural resources. Contact a service provider and start the process today to plant a tree in memory of someone special while giving back to the environment with your lasting gift.

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