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A tuxedo and dinner jacket are formal black tie attire for special occasions. It comprises a suit jacket and pants, often black wool fabric. Tuxedos are typically rented or purchased for events such as proms, weddings, charity galas, or evening social gatherings. Finding a well-fitting and stylish tuxedo requires consideration of personal style preferences, the formality of the event, and optional accessories like shirts, ties, and shoes.

Classic vs. Modern

Classic tuxedos feature timeless details like peaked lapels, one or two-button single-breasted jackets, and hip or vest waist coverings. Modern tuxedos offer slimmer cuts throughout the jacket and pants with sleek shawl collars or notched lapels. Two to three-button double-breasted jackets with lower button stances are popular modern options. The style of tuxedo that suits you best depends on personal style preferences and current fashion trends. A classic tuxedo in black is a traditional choice for a formal event, whereas modern styles in midnight blue or patterned jackets make a stylish statement. It is best to choose a traditional tuxedo style for an ultra-formal occasion.


Black wool fabric is the traditional color for tuxedos and is considered the most formal. Midnight blue and patterned or embellished black jackets offer a stylish alternative to solid black. Ivory or white jackets are eye-catching options for spring or summer but should only be worn during those seasons. Black is always a tasteful and season-appropriate color for an evening or winter event. For a less formal event in warmer months, midnight blue or a patterned black jacket pairs well with light-colored pants or a vest for stylish contrast. Non-traditional colors should be chosen carefully based on the event’s formality to avoid appearing underdressed. Checking with the host or event guidelines for specific outfit requirements is best.


Slim-fit tuxedos have narrow, tailored cuts through the shoulders, arms, torso, and legs. Regular-fit tuxedos have a longer, looser cut with more room for movement. For athletic or heavier builds, a regular-fit tuxedo provides the most comfort. Slim-fit tuxedos are ideal for slim or average body types and create a stylish silhouette. It is best to try on different fits and sizes to determine which is most flattering and allows for mobility. Too tight pants can be uncomfortable, while overly loose pants appear sloppy. For best sizing, research where to get custom tuxedos so that it’s made precisely for you.  The jacket should lay smoothly over the back and shoulders without tightness in the arms.

Formal vs. Semi-Formal

Formal tuxedos require all traditional components like a black waist covering or vest, crisp white shirt, black bow tie or necktie, and polished black shoes. Semi-formal tuxedos may exclude the waist covering or substitute a long tie for a bow tie, allowing for more shoe options. A traditional tuxedo with all standard components is required for very formal occasions like a wedding, gals, or holiday events. If accepted, it is acceptable for a charity to omit the cummerbund or vest fundraiser, awards ceremony, or another semi-formal gathering, or attire requirements will specify the formality. It is best to overdress rather than underdress when unsure of the required formality for an occasion.

Time of Day

Tuxedos are mainly designated as evening formalwear. For daytime events in spring or summer, a light-colored waistcoat or vest and tie and optional linen pants create an appropriate daytime tuxedo. Silver or light gray jackets are also seasonal options for daytime summer tuxedos. An evening tuxedo in classic black wool fabric suits any evening event. For a daytime wedding or garden party in warm weather, pair a white dinner jacket in lightweight fabric with linen pants or trousers in a light color like stone or tan. Seasonal fabrics, pale colors, and linen or cotton components make a tuxedo suitable for daywear in the spring or summer.


Winter events call for tuxedos in heavy wool gabardine to stay warm, while summer tuxedos should be made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen, seersucker, or cotton. Ivory dinner jackets are popular for summer, while dark colors are more formal for winter. For a winter gala or event, choose a tuxedo in worsted wool gabardine, which provides insulation and sleekness. Wool barathea or grosgrain is a pliable yet durable option. The summer season calls for linen, cotton, or seersucker fabrics in light, heat-appropriate colors. Ivory or light gray jackets create a breezy statement in warmer months while still adhering to the tuxedo aesthetic. Formality is maintained when the fabric weight and colors suit the season.


Finding a tuxedo that fits well and makes you feel confident for a formal occasion is important. An ill-fitting or out-of-style tuxedo can appear sloppy or out of place at an event. For some occasions like your wedding or prom, a tuxedo and how you style it creates a lasting memory and impression. The investment in finding a suitable tuxedo is worth the effort to craft your ideal formal look.

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