Goroboted Experts Tell Why Businesses Need Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting has become a necessity for all service businesses nowadays. It has become important to be available anytime and everywhere to all. Cloud hosting has become a necessity for a successful business. Why? You will know when you will understand

GoRoboted https://goroboted.com experts talk to us on what cloud hosting is.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting, says Raj from GoRoboted, is the technique of hosting or presenting your website or an application on cloud servers, that is, the internet. It makes your content accessible anywhere and anytime using the internet.

It is the most important feature that needs to be implemented by every website or application to be successful. Otherwise, other businesses will lead the market.

So, let us look into two types of cloud hosting and which one is better for you.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, it involves various businesses sharing a single unit of the physical server and all other resources as well. So, different businesses use the same server to host their sites and use the same resources at the same time.

If your business is small and you can not afford managed hosting (discussed later) then, shared hosting is the best option available. It comes at a low budget that is easily affordable for all.

But the main features that need to be considered before choosing it are:

1. Cost Effective

As told earlier the most important benefit is that it cuts your cost and makes all the resources available at low cost as compared to managed hosting.

2. Less Secure

The most problematic issue is security. Since all businesses share the same server and resources it acts as a loophole in security. No add-on security plugins are available to make it highly secure. It lacks the basic necessity, that is, a secure system.

3. No Testing Environment

Since the sharing is always on it does not provide you a space for you to proofread your document or correct your code before going live. It does not have any testing environment available, which becomes its biggest drawback.

4. High Maintenance

It also makes all businesses face problems because of the actions performed by another single business. For instance, due to some wrongdoing of a business the IP address that is being shared among all is reported as spam. Then, it will affect all the other businesses as well because of sharing.

Look for a solution that integrates easily within the existing framework.

Managed Hosting

It is simply the vice-versa of shared hosting. That is, dedicating a single server and all its resources to a single business itself.

1. Highly Secure

It is highly secure as it provides all possible security features, such as antivirus and antimalware software. Also, it alerts you if any changes are made to your website, unauthorized access practices, or any intrusion activity. Everything gets noticed here.

2. Backup Offline

One of the best features is that it allows offsite data backup so you don’t lose any data even if some website crashes, data modification is tried, or such a problem. It allows hourly or daily basis backup time schedules.

3. High Speed

It provides incredible speed hosting to your business sites and hence, helps you increase your Google ranking. As it also increases and makes your user interaction and experiences smoother.

4. Easy Maintenance

It provides services like auto updation, database caching, and more that make maintenance easy. It reduces the manual work of managing the website on managed cloud hosting.

5. Testing Stage Environment

The testing environment availability at the last stage before going live allows you to make potential changes to your website.

Final Note

Now, you know what cloud hosting is and its types. It is time for you to choose the best one that is suitable for your business within a price range. You can evaluate your business needs and choose accordingly.

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