Glossary of Bonus Game Terms and Tips to Play Effectively

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Spinning is now known as an attractive game with high payouts. Therefore, this form of entertainment has been attracting the participation of a large number of members in the online playground. With an eye-catching interface, it always gives players a feeling of authenticity and enjoyment. Here are the terms and pocket secrets for you.

1.What is the prize-changing jar?

Spin the jar to change the prize, also known as the slot game or exploding the jar. Currently, they are developed at the 789BET house allowing players to freely experience. The simulation in this game is the initialization of the bonus fund from the system. When making a bonus draw, the amount you bet on will be accumulated to form a fund.

The player who wins the Jackpot is the one who will receive for himself the entire accumulated bonus. It can be seen that the way to participate in this game is relatively simple with only easy operations to perform. With the general development of the platform technology slot games have been fully equipped at 789BETs to serve the entertainment needs of players..

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Now just need an internet connection you will quickly join and know the results in seconds. In the slot game, there will be rows and columns arranged together with the corresponding themes and symbols. If you spin them to stop, the result is the same rows according to the rules, which means that you have won and received the reward.

Spin the jar to change the prize, also known as the slot game or explode the jar

2. Terminology when playing spin the jar to change the prize

Each game when released has different rules and terms that create its own characteristics. In the slot game is no exception and you need to grasp some basic words below:

Spin: when you see this word, you just need to click the Spin button to start the game.

Bet button: used to convert the bet value you have in your game.

Bet: only the total amount bet by members in a certain game.

Autoplay: helps you to play slot games automatically and without manipulation.

Win: means win, means the player has won with the same amount of money when spinning the jar to change the prize.

Info Button: This box shows the value, payment and rules of the game.

3.Some things you need to know when playing roulette

In the process of participating in the spinning of the jar, in addition to learning about the rules, how to play, you need to keep in mind a few things as follows:

Make sure you are using a stable and uninterrupted network connection.

Spin at the calculated speed as they will have an important effect on the final result and the chance of the jar exploding.

Each player is only allowed to log in and use one account at the 789BET bookie to participate.

Do not bet too high or too low and need to be based on the amount of capital you own.

Pay attention to the technique during the shoot and the easy-to-win times of the day.

Always explore and cultivate new knowledge to apply to each specific game.

Some things to know when playing the game of spinning the pot to change prizes

4.The secret to apply when playing real money effectively

Everyone wants to win when playing roulette, but it is not easy. Therefore, you need to quickly save yourself some good tips that are being applied by the masters below:

4.1 Make sure to maintain a good connection and network connection when spinning the redemption jar

Network connection plays a very important role when playing slot games. Therefore, you need to make sure to maintain good internet speed regularly and continuously. In the event of a glitch or instability, it should be stopped immediately.

4.2 Know how to make good use of the special features equipped

In slot games, there are often equipped with features to support players. However, not everyone notices and knows how to make good use of these available tools. Especially with important features you need to know to use them thoroughly to get the desired effect and preserve capital.

4.3 Determining the easy time to hit when playing slot games

Many players share, determining the exact time is a necessary experience when playing the game. If you do not know the timing, the probability of you losing is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the time of day when the house 789BET often has many times to explode to participate. That’s how you can achieve the most beneficial results.

Determine the easy time to hit when playing slot games

We have researched and brought to you the information about turning the jar to redeem the prize. In the process of participating, you need to understand the basic terms and things to keep in mind in order to use them effectively.

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