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Fossil Last Stand is a restaurant located in the historic district of downtown Grand Rapids. It offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, pasta dishes, and salads. However, many people have mixed reviews about it. Fortunately, you can read more about this Michigan restaurant on its Facebook page.

A restaurant in the downtown Grand Rapids historic district

This funky restaurant is located in an old carriage house. The atmosphere is fun and the food is delicious. It is a great place to spend a romantic evening or go with the family on a budget. The menu features many different kinds of cuisine. The restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere and a large wine selection. The food is well-prepared and the friendly staff will gladly share their knowledge about fossils. The restaurant also places emphasis on locally sourced foods. The name comes from a last stand in nature.

It offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, pasta dishes, and salads

The Fossil Last Stand is a casual eatery where you can spend quality time with your friends while eating good food. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere is perfect for chatting with friends and telling funny stories. In addition to its unique cuisine, it features an extensive fossil collection that occupies one wall. The menu rotates every semester. This fall, the restaurant is serving Asian lettuce wraps and Moroccan chicken. Another special dish is the taco soup, a spicy fiesta of tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream, served with chips. Lastly, the chicken enchiladas come with sour cream, cheese, and green chiles.

It has mixed reviews

Fossil Last Stand is a restaurant located in Catasauqua, NY. It has mixed reviews on the internet, including several negative comments. It has been a hot topic of conversation in the local community due to the recent video that went viral. The video shows a woman, Jakie, talking to an auto driver, who tells her that she is just like a “normal” White man. She repeats the comment “just like a white man,” and the driver, Bode, tells her to get out of the car. Fossil Last Stand has received many negative comments from the public, and the restaurant owners are facing a backlash.

Fossil Last Stand has received mixed reviews on many online review sites, including Yelp. Some customers have praised the restaurant’s service, while others are dissatisfied with its food. One incident at Fossil Last Stand, in Pennsylvania, has also caused customers to question the company’s ethics. While the owner of the restaurant has not been charged with any misconduct, the incident did lead to an angry public.

It has a Facebook page

Fossil Last Stand has a page on Facebook. However, not all posts are positive. One post about a recent incident with a Lyft driver triggered a public outcry. The incident took place in Pennsylvania and was captured on video. The video has since been viewed more than 600,000 times. The incident involved a passenger who made racial remarks to a Lyft driver. The driver, James Bode, has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant for assault threat.

The owner of the Fossil Last Stand restaurant posted a video of the incident to the Facebook page. The owner apologized for the incident and asked the co-passenger to leave the vehicle. Despite the owner’s repeated requests for the passenger to say something, he did not respond.

It has a video that has gone viral

A recent video of an argument between a Lyft driver and a passenger has gone viral, affecting customer ratings for the restaurant Fossils Last Stand. The video, which was posted to Twitter and garnered 600,000 views, depicts a dispute between a passenger and a Lyft driver in Pennsylvania.

The woman’s name is Jackie Harford, a Lyft driver who lives in Catasauqua. The video of the altercation has gone viral, receiving thousands of comments and dozens of praising comments. Police in the area said an investigation into the video was ongoing. The man in the video is Harford’s boyfriend.

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