Flush Mount Photo Album: An Easy Way to Create Colorful Memories

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Nowadays, images are an essential part of everyone’s life. Everyone clicks images on different occasions to make a memory of forever. There are some occasions that are always special in everyone’s life such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. For all these special events, people hire a photographer to click good and memorable images and to make an album of those images. Digital photographers use flush-mount albums for better and high-quality prints.

What is Flush Mount Album?

The flush mount album is a type of photo album that has super thick and does not bend. These albums are digitally designed photographic paper spread with edge-to-edge flush-mounted pages created with seamless, lay-flat spreads together with our full range of cover materials to give you a wide range of creative options.

Flush Mount Album is usually printed using a high-quality print that brings out the small details and all the colors of the print. It is widely popular among photographers and is used across various types of photography.

What are the features of the Flush Mount Album?

A flush mount album has some features which made it popular and widely used by almost all photographers across the globe.

  1. Core
  2. Silver Halide
  3. Flush Mounting 

Silver Halide

Silver halide is a chemical compound and it is used in flush-mount albums for many years as it offers high-quality photo prints. It is popular among photographers as it offers photorealistic quality and it offers a natural color scheme. Silver halide is used for flush mount albums as it has the unique property of producing a full-color image without using a single drop of ink. Silver halide paper contains light-sensitive silver halide crystals and dye couplers suspended in layers of gelatin and when it is exposed to light, it goes through a chemical reaction, and the result of the reaction is a full-color print.

Another reason silver halide is used for flush-mount albums is this printing process creates a smooth and continuous tone which helps in recreating natural skin tones, deep black and brilliant whites, and shadows and highlights.


In flush mount albums, there is a process in which photo prints are dry mounted on an archival board which is also called core or substrate core. The core is the backbone of every flush mount album page and is usually made up of PVC. Most cores come in white or black and these types of cores are easy to spot, for example, if the print has a black core, then it will contrast with white borders and then photo prints are mounted on top of it. So basically, it works as a sandwich and photo prints are mounted from both sides.

Flush Mounting

Flush mounting is a process that is used to create high-quality images and color-contrast image prints. Professional photographers mostly use flush mounting as it gives good results with a better print quality than others.

The growing tendency of newly married couples to do pre-weeding photoshoots is boosting the need for digital photography. The demand for digital photography is rapidly increasing with rising social networking across the globe can set a new stage for flush mount albums to stand out in the global market.

Market Insight

The global flush mount photo album market size was USD 3.5 Bn in 2022 and is likely to reach USD 5 Bn by 2031, expanding at a CAGR of 5.5% during 2023–2031. The market growth is attributed to the growing inclination for theme-based weddings and increasing demand for photojournalism.

The growing demand for theme-based weeding to create a memory for life can drive the need for flush-mount photo albums and it is getting popularity as a gift option which can create immense opportunity in the coming years.

Some key players competing in the global market to create unique albums are Advance Photo Lab Inc.; White House Custom Colour.; ASUKANET; Midwest Photographic Resource Center Inc.; Artifact Uprising; Bay Photo Lab.; Printique LLC.; Zno Inc.; Digital Pro Lab; Shutterfly; Picaboo; and MILK Tailor Made Books Ltd.

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