Three Methods to Copy DVD to Computer: Benefits & Steps

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Whether it is your wedding or birthday DVD or your favorite movie collection, your old DVDs carry memories. So, instead of saving these memories in your room’s storage, it is time to copy DVD to computer for your flexible watching. To do that, in this article, you will get three options so that you can make your convenient choice.

Method 1: Copy DVD to Computer using DVDFab DVD Copy 

DVDFab DVD Copy software is one of the smartest options to copy DVD to computer with lossless compression. With this software, you can directly save your DVD content to your system’s hard disk as an ISO file or folder. So, let’s see how this software bypasses all of the above-mentioned limitations.


  • This tool can decrypt any encrypted or copy-protected DVD.
  • It provides a cloud description service to eliminate encryption from the new disc.
  • It helps to take backups to DVD-9 discs for viewing satisfaction.
  • Take backup to DVD-5 to customize storage capacity.
  • Clone DVD content in a 1:1 ratio with multiple DVD merging options.
  • You can copy multiple DVD in one go.
  • All the metadata will be copied automatically with your DVD content.
  • Get back up in AC3 audio quality while cleaning up the watermark of your DVD.

Steps to Copy DVD to Computer

Step 1: Start launching DVDFab DVD Copy on your Windows or Mac PC and go for the “Copy Module” > “Movie Mode” under the copy mode.

Step 2: After inserting your desired video into the optical drive, upload the video to your system.

Step 3: It is time for output profile customization with Advanced Settings, where you can adjust volume quality.

Step 4: Under the “Copying” option, you can opt for the settings like Copy DVD Audio/ Copy DVD Video/ Copy the Non-DVD files. You can also explore many other settings as per your requirements.

Step 5: After that, you have to choose the audio & subtitles from the multiple options to copy DVD to computer.

Step 6: Go for the output directory selection option from the three available saving formats like ISO file/ folder format/ blank disc. Select your desired form of saving DVD to your computer.

Step 7: After making your final selection, hit the “Start” option to copy your selected DVD to your computer.

Method 2: How to Copy DVD to Computer With VLC Media Player 

Being an open-source and free platform, VLC Media Player is one of the easiest and smartest options to copy DVD to computer. To do this, you don’t need to download any separate third-party software on your system. So before starting with the DVD ripping steps, let’s see what benefits you can have through this player.


  • Along with DVDs, it can rip Blu-ray, Audio CDs, & SVCDs.
  • It supports almost all common audio-video formats.
  • You can access your ripped DVD content on any device or platform.
  • It supports Mp4 files with H.265/ H.264 compression format.
  • You can select the audio track before starting the DVD-ripping process.

DVD Ripping Steps 

Step 1: First, you need to load your desired DVD that you wish to rip and keep to your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2: After starting the VLC player, you must go to the drop-down “Media” menu in the VLC Home Screen and select the “Convert”/ “Save” option.

Step 3: The “Open Media” window will appear on the screen. While selecting the “Disc” option, go for the “Browse” option to choose the DVD you like to save to the computer.

Step 4: With the “Streaming Position” option, you can only write any specific chapter or title. Where to rip any particular audio or subtitle option, you must select it under the “Audio & Subtitle” option. Now, select the “Convert”/”Save” option below.

Step 5: To customize the output profile by selecting your proffered audio-video format, you need to go to the drop-down menu under the “Profile” option.

Step 6: While selecting the “Browse” option, you need to specify the “Save” option. After that, you should opt for the “Start” option to copy DVD to computer.

Start 7: It will take around 30 minutes to complete the DVD ripping and downloading process to your computer, depending on the hardware speed of your system.

VLC Media Player Limitations 

  • Copyrighted or encrypted DVDs can’t be copied.
  • There is no quality control option for the output video.
  • There is no quality settings option.
  • It offers very limited editing options.

Method 3: How to Rip DVDs to the Computer for Free with HandBake 

HandBack is a very well-known open-source free video transformer that helps you to copy DVDs to computer in a very systematic way. With this video converter, you can back up any copyright protection-free DVD to your Windows or Mac computer for your later watch on any device like mobile, tablet, television, etc. So let’s see what this free software offers in its DVD-ripping process.


  • It can convert any multimedia file, Blu-Ray, DVD, etc.
  • It supports Mp4, MKV, and WebM container file formats with video encoders like H.264, H.265, MPEG4, MPEG2, etc.
  • It offers audio encoders of AC3, FLAC, AAC, and many others.
  • There is a title/chapter/range selection option.
  • It offers batch scanning with encoded queueing.
  • It provides video filtration & supports VFR & CFR.

DVD Ripping Steps 

Step 1: To download & install the HandBreak software on your system, you must visit the official website through the browser and hit the red download option.

Step 2: To open the app, select the HandBreak symbol of pineapple with cocktail glass under the “Start” menu/ Application folder.

Step 3: Next, you must insert the DVD to copy to the computer and select the DVD under the “Source Selection” option on your screen’s left side.

Step 4: Go for the “drop-down” menu next to the “Title” option to select settings. Whether you want to rip any specific part of your DVD or if you want to save the entire DVD, then how many chapters do you want to keep?

Step 5: Go for the “Browse” option next to the “Destination” option. Select the location where you like to save your ripped DVD while browsing the file manager (For Windows: File Explorer & For Mac: Finder).

Step 6: You can customize your output profile by selecting audio-video parameters, resolution, formats, speed, etc., through the available preset options.

Step 7: You will find the “Preset” option on the window’s right side. However, if you can’t find it, you can drag & drop the window and zoom it until you see the option.

Step 8: Next, select the “Start Encode” option next to the “Play” option at the top. You will find a progress bar below the screen to monitor your DVD copying time.

HandBreak Limitations 

  • Copy-protected, regionally locked DVDs and encrypted DVDs can’t be ripped.
  • You need separate software to decrypt DVDs before ripping.
  • It doesn’t support lossless compression as it uses lossy codec MPEG2.

Last Word 

If you are planning to copy DVD to computer for flexible and customizable watching of your favorite DVDs, you can try any of the above-mentioned methods. However, to get ultimate audio-visual satisfaction with multiple customizable features and functions, you better try the limitation-free DVD copying method of DVDFab DVD Copy software.

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