Digitizing Your Documents With a New Scanner

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Photos, personal and business records, personal collectibles and sports cards, they all take a lot of effort to manage, and not all of them need to be on hand physically if you have the information you need. That’s why so many people and businesses are digitizing everything, it lets you save space while making access to your information easy.

Backup and Archival

Whether you are digitizing personal documents or business records, the ability to make backup copies with ease is enough to make digitizing a good idea. Not only can you use cloud data backup or removable storage to create data redundancies in case of a loss, nothing is stopping you from retaining the originals if you choose. Digitizing just gives you options.

When you no longer need the physical record, digital archives are a lot easier to maintain because they take up a much smaller space footprint. It’s easier to add a dedicated archive search computer than a whole room full of filing cabinets after all. Digitization also allows you to retrieve old records quickly by using keywords and metadata like document creation dates to find what you need, so you can get to the information quickly if it becomes relevant again. When you consider it that way, it’s easy to see why an investment in something like the ScanSnap IX1600 is a good idea at home and at the office.

Combination Devices

If you need a printer as well as a scanner, there are options out there that provide both in a single unit. That’s a great idea if you need to scan often but not necessarily at high volume, because it lets you save space and power while operating both machines. If you print heavily or you need to scan at high volume, though, you might want to invest in separate devices that are built to purpose. Otherwise, the wear and tear could have you performing maintenance a lot more often than you think.


This compact scanner can take care of 4×6 inch photos in just a couple of seconds, and it is easy to pack and take with you if you’re running a portable editing and printing station while you take pictures on vacation or at work. That makes it an ideal choice for photographers looking to efficiently post work to clients, stock photo depositories, and personal sites. Along with a well-equipped artist’s tablet or netbook, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a portable monitor for extra screen space, you can fully edit and upload your work without heading back to the office.

PC or Mac

Today’s scanners are designed to work with almost any device that can communicate over the network or via USB. That means there are drivers available for both PC and Mac to make sure your computer and scanner are working together to digitize and store your documents. All you need to do is learn how to scan from printer to computer with the software that your scanner uses to start storing photos, personal records, or even digital records of your sports cards and TCG collection.

Luckily, today’s scanner manufacturers are making that process easier than ever. For many devices, it’s as simple as a single button. Learn more about your options today so you can organize your document records quickly.

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