Different Types of Credit Cards in Norway(Kredittkort Norge) You Should Remember

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As soon as you decide to go online, you will notice numerous options for credit cards. At the same time, choosing the best one for your requirements is overwhelming, especially if you have the situation in mind.

Everything depends on what you wish to do with it, your credit score, age, income, and other factors. For instance, you may need it to boost a score and history, meaning you can take a student or secured option. On the other hand, people with exceptional scores can obtain the best reward credit cards that will provide them with worthwhile benefits.

We can differentiate various credit cards, including travel, cash-back, student, and secured. The main idea is understanding the differences between multiple options, which will help you decide the best fit for your needs. We recommend you check here to learn about the different credit card options.

Applying for a new credit can help you boost your score. Still, ensure to pre-approve, which will help you compare various options. If you are still determining which card is the best for you, we recommend you stay with us to learn about the most popular options that are available on the market.


Everything depends on the card you wish to get, but remember that the cash-back option will allow you to earn rewards for buying specific products or grocery stores.

Therefore, when you use cards for numerous categories, including bonus ones such as dining, entertainment, gas, and groceries, among other things, you can earn back the percentage of the amount you spent. Some options allow you to use rewards, including gift cards, checks, and statement credits.

The most common options when choosing cash-back credit cards are:

  • Category-Earn – If you wish to get a choice with higher rewards, while you can use them for numerous factors, including groceries, restaurant bills, and many more, you should choose this option.
  • Flat-Rate – These feature the same rewards no matter what you decide to purchase.

2.Travel Rewards

Suppose you travel a lot. In that case, you can consider a travel reward card to offer you peace of mind. When you decide to use a travel credit card for making relevant purchases, you will earn rewards you can redeem in various travel-related options.

At the same time, you can also use credit cards to earn rewards on various travel-related purchases. For instance, some reward cards will offer you rates on all purchases you make, while the higher bonus will be for specific options.

Enter this website: https://www.kredittkortinfo.no/ to learn more about finding the best credit card for your needs when you are travelling to Norway. On the other hand, you can choose the regular options that will offer you significant awards for travel-related costs. We can differentiate two types of travel reward credit cards, such as:

  • General Cards – We discuss cards not associated with a specific hotel or airline. Instead, you can choose the best ways to redeem the rewards you got in the first place. For instance, you can earn rewards for a future flight through miles. Besides, you can redeem points for additional rewards such as vacations, car rentals, and many more.
  • Co-Branded – Alternatively, you can choose the card by the issuer and merchant, which will come as a hotel or airline. The main idea is to use this option as a standard solution, especially since you can earn rewards and ensure they are redeemable throughout the process.

3.Store Credit Cards

Another important consideration is choosing store credit cards, which are specifically connected or affiliated with a store. According to CFPB, these cards will offer extra discounts, meaning if you are a frequent shopper and use their stores, you can take advantage of numerous benefits and rewards.

When it comes to store credit cards, we can differentiate two options available on the market, including:

  • Private Label – You can use them in specific stores issuing them, meaning they are unavailable elsewhere. For instance, if you wish to finance a new iPhone, you can obtain an Apple credit card and use it for buying.
  • Co-branded – As mentioned above, you can use them anywhere, even outside your affiliate place, but you will get rewards when buying in an affiliate store.

Similarly, as with any other credit card, you can ensure to create a perfect financial tool and use it responsibly throughout the process. Besides, they can offer discounts, access, and exclusivity to cardholders.

4.Secured Credit Cards

One of the most significant factors when determining whether you can qualify is credit score, meaning you need at least a good score to achieve everything you want. However, the higher your score, the better terms you will get throughout the process. Therefore, if you aim to boost your credit score, we recommend a secured credit card.

Remember that by getting a secured option, you will put a safety deposit upfront, which will function as both collateral and limit. Therefore, you can make purchases the same way as you would with the regular card, but you will get additional features. We recommend making timely payments to help you reach the desired goal.

Besides, you will get the deposit back when you decide to get a new line of credit and close this one. Still, it would be best to be responsible to ensure the best action.

5.Student Credit Cards

Taking advantage of a student credit card is much more than a revolving loan. Instead, you can start your financing journey, meaning the wise usage will allow you to boost your credit history. Student credit cards function similarly to any other cards available on the market. However, they are specifically created for students who need more credit histories.

You can easily qualify for them, while student credit cards will feature more relaxed requirements. At the same time, they feature prominent advantages, meaning you may get a small percentage of cash-back or traveling points or miles. The main goal is to be as responsible as possible.

6.No Annual Fee Cards

You can get cards with amazing rewards and benefits, but you do not have to pay an annual fee, allowing you to use it for years without any additional problems. It is perfect

Of course, you must pay for other things when you get no annual fee option. However, you will not get a fixed annual membership fee for using a card. Still, you will get other fees that come with it, as well as finance charges and interest rates, depending on the ways you use it in the first place.

7.Zero-Percent Annual Percentage Rate

Generally, zero-percent introductory rates are the perfect solution to help you purchase something expensive you can handle throughout the process. These options are helpful when planning, especially since you must make large purchases and pay them back in a few months during the introductory period.

According to regulations, the introductory rates must last at least six months, meaning you can focus on paying down a balance throughout the process. The promotional rate will not affect transferring credits from one month to another, but it will start accruing after the intro period ends.

The moment the introductory period expires, the standard annual percentage rate starts. The main idea is to apply to current and future card balances, especially if you decide to carry it along the way. Therefore, the process depends on your card’s terms and conditions. For instance, the interest will consume your balance if you exceed the limit.

8.Balance Transfer

If you have a few debts you must handle, we recommend you to choose a credit card refinancing process by ensuring you transfer everything on a low-interest rate card. However, you must read the terms before moving because the procedure requires a fee between three and seven percent of the overall amount.

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