Factors To Consider When Ordering Custom T-shirts For Your Brand

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As businesses think out of the box to introduce new and improved marketing strategies, ordering customized apparel for your brand may be a good idea.

You have probably seen custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for company employees that display the brand name and logo. These act as inexpensive advertisements for the company and create a feeling of unity and camaraderie among workers.

Steps to order custom apparel for your business

You can design customized apparel to celebrate your company’s milestone anniversary or a team-building event. Custom shirt printing isn’t hard to get done once you have decided on the design, fabric, and custom shirt printing company.

Ordering customized t-shirts:

Now, the question is, how to order custom t-shirts or hoodies for your company employees?

Here is a list of things to take into account when you order customized t-shirts:

  • Choosing the correct fabric for the t-shirt: The material for the custom t-shirts is of utmost importance because you want it to be comfortable and long-lasting. You can choose from a range, including cotton, polyester, rayon, or a combination of different fabrics. However, it’s vital to find materials that are both lightweight on the skin and durable. A durable and comfortable fabric blend gives a flattering fit. 100% cotton t-shirts are fully-breathable, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting. They are perfect if you want an eco-friendly T-shirt.
  • Look at the style: If you want your customized apparel to make a fashion statement, choose high-quality, stylish t-shirts. A regular crew neck t-shirt can be a good choice for a sports event, but a polo t-shirt is better suited for a corporate seminar. Choose a style that complements the occasion and body type.
  • Consider wearability: Choose a design and fabric that has a long-lasting appeal. Quality apparel is one that people like to wear, even if it’s old. It explains why you must find a

custom t-shirt shop that produces good-quality t-shirts and hoodies.

  • Choosing the proper fit: You don’t want your employees to wear clothes that are ill-fitting. The correct cut is necessary for the perfect fit. So, spend time researching different types of fits before you finalize one. Make sure it’s a fit that is both flattering and comfy. Long-sleeved t-shirts, for instance, are a good choice for a winter event,

while short-sleeved ones are better in warmer climates. If it’s a sporting event, it’s advisable to opt for dry-fit t-shirts.

Designing the custom t-shirt:

This step may appear to be easy, but it’s vital to match the design with the audience it’s for. It’s not enough to print the brand logo to attract customers. You need to work on the design carefully to ensure it serves its purpose. Designs can be serious or playful, traditional or trendy. You must consider factors like images, style, fonts, and color when designing a custom t-shirt.

Uploading the design for your custom t-shirt:

When you find a leading custom t-shirt printing company, you can upload the design you have finalized and order. Decide the number of custom shirts you want, and ensure you have enough in every size. The L is the most common, but XL and M are in demand. You can order fewer quantities of XS and S sizes.

Printing and packaging the custom t-shirts:

You will find most t-shirt printing companies use screen printing as it’s a cost-effective method. During screen printing, a mesh stencil pushes the ink to create the design. It dries thicker than when ink is applied digitally. it helps the design to stand out, particularly when the fabric is dark-colored. A good alternative is direct-to-film printing, which offers another way to achieve vibrant designs on dark fabrics. Unlike screen printing, this method involves directly applying the special DTF roll printer ink onto the fabric, resulting in a more lightweight and detailed finish.

Finding the right supplier:

Now that you have decided on the fabric, style, design, and printing method, you must choose the right printing company. Here’s a list of factors to look at when searching for the best custom t-shirt printing shop:

  • Customizability: You need a shop that offers 100% flexibility to create your own brand logo, message, or animation. The company should be open to listening to your requests and accommodating your preferences.
  • Bulk option: The custom shirt printing company must be able to deliver orders in bulk. For instance, you may require hundreds of t-shirts for an event in a week’s time. It’s vital that the company you choose has the capacity to implement such big orders. You don’t want to waste time and energy designing something only to be told they cannot furnish large orders.
  • Expertise: You must find a custom t-shirt printing company with the expertise to print how you want the design printed. V-cuts, zippers, and other unique features can make printing difficult. An experienced company will know tricks to work around such problems and give you what you desire.
  • Designing options: Choose a proficient team of designers. It’s an advantage when you don’t have in-house designers and cannot rely on your own creativity to make a fashion statement with customized t-shirts.
  • Quality: Trust only those who use superior fabrics and state-of-the-art machinery to make custom t-shirts for you. They should use the best quality ink, modern equipment, and the latest technologies to give top-of-the-line products.
  • Costs: Price is one of the main factors when choosing a custom t-shirt printing supplier. You cannot work with a company that quotes you at a rate higher than what your budget allows.

Follow these guidelines to find a reliable printing company that focuses on delivering top-notch customized apparel. They should have the expertise to meet your demands and the capabilities to produce orders on time, no matter how large these are. They should not insist on a minimum order quantity as small businesses often have to work with very tight budgets.

There’s no better to get noticed than by giving away promotional materials like t-shirts, accessories, and freebies. Custom t-shirt printing has always been a popular method for marketing used by big brands and continues to be so. Whether it’s fundraisers or charity events, school reunions or business gatherings, trade shows, or sports events, custom apparel can be trusted to do their job.

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