Canbee Lifestyle Real Name, Business, and FAN


Canbee lifestyle real name is the most asked question, he is the most famous YouTuber. The reason he succeeded, he works very hard and also passionate about his work. He earns lakhs of rupees from his youtube channel.Behind the curtain of his success lies a relentless work ethic that propels him forward, day in and day out. With each video meticulously crafted and imbued with his unique flair, Canbee Lifestyle has captivated the hearts and minds of millions across the globe.

Canbee lifestyle Real Name


Canbeelifestyle’s real name is Subhankar Sardar and his nickname is SS, he is the owner of CC mechanic.

Most of his videos are prank-related, In a very short time, he has amassed millions of subscribers and fans on Youtube, Sandy Saha is one of them.

Canbee lifestyle quotes

“with hard work and effort, you can achieve anything, this is the result of my prolonged learning from the failures, society, and more other things. with the perfect dedication and goal, you can fulfill your dream.

The whole credit doesn’t belong to me. You guys are one of the main reasons behind this Without your support it wasn’t possible And the blessing from my parents and the support from my team was undoubtedly overwhelming.”

canbeelifestyle's real name is suvankar and nick name is SS

Canbee lifestyle reveals his cosmetics, shoe

He uses puma shoes because he loves puma and He uses most of the Lotus company’s products. His favorite sunscreen is lotus sunscreen. For hair, he uses hair serum and his favorite perfume is Engage Deodorant.

The secret behind her beautiful looks, he uses the Ponds facewash.

Subhankar‘s business and friend

After getting success at YouTube, he started his own car-selling business. His business address is -Shantipally, Sector B, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700039.

Since then, he has grown his business, now he is in the car service segment. The name of his new business is “cc mechanic”. He started this business in 2021 in Kolkata.

CC mechanic offers a variety of vehicle services such as -Seasonal car services, Doorstep car wash, and polish, denting and painting, etc.

Subhankar has a family business where they make leather goods, the business name is M19 and the products that are made are laptop bags, wallets, ladies’ purses, etc.

His dearest friend and business partner is Sanat. Sanat has been working with Shubhankar since starting his first YouTube channel(Canbee lifestyle). Sanath also has some contributions behind his success.

suvankar's friend sanat bose

About Sanat

NameSanat Bose
NicknameSanat Da
Height5 feet 6 inch
Weight57 kg
Hair colorBlack
ProfessionMaking videos, Video editing, Business manager
Favorite YoutuberAriyoshi Synthia
Home town/Current cityKolkata

Canbee lifestyle on TV and Newspaper

suvankar on newspaper

This is the first time a Bengali Youtuber has been seen in a newspaper and TV news channel. It was a great achievement for him and he was very happy to see it. He has been seen in Newspapers and TV News for his social experiment videos.

He wants to send a positive message to our environment through his social experiment videos.

Suvankar’s Early team

There was no one to call his early team, he made the videos himself. After spending some time, he would make videos with his friends, this is what we can call Subhankar’s first team.

suvankar's youtube team

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About his FAN

Suvankar has become more popular on YouTube than ever before and gain a lot of fan following on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. His crazy fans have been waiting in front of her house for hours to meet him.

According to Subhankar, this is the biggest achievement for him. He is very happy to get this love from his fans.

canbee lifestyle's fan
fan’s name-GameTech Panda

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