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When planning to work with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and wanting to buy Bitcoin (BTC) by Raiffeisen card, you will note that there are options for such a transaction (find more info here And among them, it remains to choose the best. And to do this, you need to study all the features of each of the available methods:

  • Crypto exchange. To buy Bitcoin here by paying with rubles from a Raiffeisen Bank card, you must register on the site and pass verification. Next, you must place an order to buy coins and wait for a counteroffer to appear. This procedure can take a long time. In addition, you will have to spend money to pay pretty high commissions. Plus, exchanging at an unfavourable rate is risky for you. For the reasons noted, this method cannot be called the best.
  • P2P exchange platform. Here you will make deals with individuals. The security of the exchange does not raise questions. But from a financial point of view, this method cannot be called profitable. Commissions will be pretty high, and courses are often unprofitable. Individuals may not have the BTC you need, so you must make several transactions.
  • Work with private money changers directly. In this way, buying Bitcoin by paying with a credit card is accurate. But there are a lot of scammers in this area. Individuals use unfavourable rates for the second party and set inflated commissions.
  • Telegram bot. The disadvantages of this method are the same as in the previous paragraph.
  • Electronic exchanger. This method is considered optimal today. Although, among the exchange services, there are also projects of scammers. But they can be easily bypassed. It is enough to simply decide where to buy Bitcoin, using information from an aggregator of e-exchangers, in particular, com. Administrators serving such a site have already successfully searched for well-known exchange services and repeatedly checked them for honesty. Plus, all exchangers have a lot of positive customer feedback, which once again proves their reliability. You can work with any of the services without fear. You must choose the most suitable transaction terms and carry out the exchange.

Having studied the information, we realized that buying cryptocurrency through electronic exchangers is best. It remains to understand the principles of choosing the most suitable proposal.

How to choose the best deal terms

Looking through the offers and thinking about how and where it is better to buy Bitcoin from a RaiffeisenBank card, it is necessary to compare transactions by the following parameters:

  • Conversion rate. It already includes the commission charged by the exchanger for the operation. Therefore, to evaluate the benefits of a particular offer, you need to know how much Bitcoin costs on the largest exchanges if you do not take into account any markups;
  • Restrictions on the minimum and maximum amounts available for exchange, a reserve of cryptocurrency in exchange services. This data allows you to understand how big a deal you can make, whether it will be possible to exchange all the rubles at a time;
  • Additional commissions. They may occur in individual cases. And this point must be taken into account;
  • The possibility of fixing the exchange rate upon request. You also need to compare the conditions for its implementation. Typically, exchangers fix rates when fluctuating within 0.5-1%.

You should also consider the likelihood that the exchange service will require verification. This procedure will take additional time.

How to make an exchange

You will learn that coins can be split after reading the information about BitCoin cryptocurrency presented on the page Therefore, clearly define how many assets you need. Next, you need to go to the site of a suitable exchanger, submit an application for conversion, checking the entered data for errors. After that, you will have to transfer fiat money to the card of the exchange service. After 20-60 minutes, your wallet will be replenished with the equivalent in cryptocurrency, and the transaction can be considered successful.

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