How to Create a Boho Home Office That’s both Stylish and Functional

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With your home office, you can style it any way you want, without restrictions. In this article, we suggest a fun but unconventional way to create a home office – make it a Boho Home Office!

Here are ways you can make your home office Boho and still maintain style and functionality:

Make it lit…with good lights

Proper lighting is the most basic thing for any chic boho interior décor. Just like a Boho Bell Tent, the same rule of lights goes for a boho home office. Beyond adding the proper eccentric ambience to complete your boho style, it is also functional for an office to have good lights. If you are a professional creative, then you know the importance of lights from different angles. Ensure there is ample natural light directed to the position of your work desk, ambient light for a cozy feel, and task lights to focus on the specific task at hand.

Vintage Décor

Vintage finds and other eclectic knick knacks are ideal for giving your office a fashionable but unconventional allure, which is the foundation of every boho design and looks. It could be one or two cute little statues there, a vintage office desk and chair duo, a hand-crafted pillow sitting here, or a raffia mat hung up there. Whatever it is, vintage and antique accents will transform your boho home office from zero to a hundred!

Clutter Organiser

In an office, important things may get lost under volumes of files and clutter if not properly arranged. And although your home office is in your home, you still want it organized and professional.

Irrespective of the style you are going for, in this instance, bohemian, you still need to declutter your space and have specific places for specific objects. For instance, your pens and pencils should be tucked away in a case for writing tools, files organized and divided by a divider, and whatnot. It keeps your boho home office organized, neat, and spacious.

Plants and Flowers

What is a boho interior space without greenery? Your boho home office is incomplete without the right indoor plants and flower vases. Some plants are tagged office plants and will add to the professional but cosy ambience of your boho home office. Be sure to get low-maintenance plants or faux plants if you are a busy bee and will not have the time and patience to tend to the plants, otherwise, you can go for just about any plant of your choice.

And there you have it! Your boho home office can both be stylish and functional when you incorporate all of these tips in your office set-up. How do you keep your office stylish and functional?

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