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Withdraw BET88 Although simple, not everyone can follow the steps correctly. If the operation is wrong, your withdrawal order will not be approved, delaying the receipt of money. Read the article below to know how to withdraw money correctly!

Regulations on withdrawal at BET88

If you want to withdraw money to your account for use, you need to meet the following basic conditions:

Account Verification

The betting account and also the receiving account need to be clearly verified before rút tiền bet88. You need to provide personal information and password along with some documents such as identity card or passport.

Fulfill the condition of unfinished promotions

If you have participated in promotions and received bonuses from the house. You need to fulfill the turnover and wagering requirements within 30 days before you can withdraw the bonus to your account. Contact the caretaker if you wish to cancel the bonus as the condition cannot be fulfilled in the event of a forced early withdrawal.

Account balance

The balance in your betting account must meet the minimum threshold when withdrawing BET88. If there is still not enough VND 50,000 bonus from the betting halls, you cannot place a withdrawal order.

Guaranteed account balance when making withdrawals

Read the rules carefully

At the home page of the house, there is a public announcement about the set of conditions and rules when withdrawing money. You need to read to know the money processing process, the maximum number of withdrawals in a day, the cases in which the withdrawal order cannot be executed, …

Quick guide on how to withdraw BET88 for free

After re-checking the conditions to receive money, follow the steps below to quickly “ting ting”!

  • Step 1: Go to the link to access the official website of the bookie or start the BET88 application, then log in to your betting account.
  • Step 2: Select the item “deposit” located in the top control bar.
  • Step 3: Click on the appropriate BET88 withdrawal method, then fill in your account information and the amount you want to receive. Note that withdrawals cannot exceed the user’s balance.
  • Step 4: Check again and select “deposit”, when on the screen appears the words “Your withdrawal request has been confirmed” means you did it right, just wait a few seconds for the system to transfer money. money only.

BET88 withdrawal order processing process from the system

From the time the order is confirmed until the user receives the money to the account, the system will process the information based on the security process as follows:


The system will double-check whether the account you use to withdraw money is valid or not based on many factors: the username is the same as the account holder, the fixed IP address has no unusual access, .. Then confirm the safety command to move to the next step.

Procedure for checking information when withdrawing BET88


The transaction form is established and coded according to the latest technology, forming a series of numbers. This part of the code will be stored in the dealer’s database for BET88 withdrawals later, or settle claims arising after the player receives the money.

Transfer money

Finally, when all verification and security processes are completed, the system will transfer money according to the correct account number to the user, accompanied by an electronic invoice.

This whole process takes only a few seconds, or at least 30 minutes. Therefore, if you wait too long and do not receive your money, please contact customer service for processing!

Notes to remember when withdrawing BET88 directly at the web

  • nhà cái BET88 Support many different forms of receiving money, you should choose the most suitable and convenient option for you to avoid risks during the confirmation process.
  • Make sure to provide complete and accurate personal information so that the bookie can verify the account as quickly as possible.
  • For some special cases and methods, there will be an intermediary transaction fee when withdrawing. To avoid being deducted, you should carefully study this part of the fee in the terms of the game portal.
  • At the first withdrawal, the verification process will take quite a while. You need to wait patiently, next time, because the data source is available in the system, the authentication and order receipt will happen faster.
  • Absolutely do not ask others to withdraw money for you, if the system detects an unusual IP address, it will not accept the order to receive money.

Pocket important note when withdrawing money at BET88

Withdraw BET88 has a fast, methodical and secure transaction processing speed. You just need a few steps to be able to receive money to use it freely. The above article has helped bettors understand how to place an order to receive money and the house’s information processing process, do it a few times to get used to your hands!

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