An unusual injury suffered by a Serbian basketball player

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Basketball players are not immune to injuries. Right now you can place online bet on, and use this platform to make great wagers on the best players from this sport. Some of the most common examples of issues they may suffer include:

  • sprains;
  • strains;
  • and muscle tears.

However, what Borisa Simanic, a Serbian basketball player, suffered at the 2023 FIBA World Cup can almost be considered as a bizarre occurrence. It is possible to place an online bet at the 1xBet website on these major competitions too.

After a seemingly innocent play, it turns out that the player needed to be taken to a hospital. It was later revealed that doctors determined that it was necessary to remove one of his kidneys. How could this have happened?

A seemingly innocent play

The match where this happened was held on the 30th of August 2023. The website can be visited now, and here you can also find wagers on great virtual sports too. On that day, the Serbian team played against South Sudan. The Europeans won the match 115-83. However, the victory of the Serbians took second place when compared to the drama suffered by one of their players.

During a play, player Nuni Omot from the South Sudanese team hit Simanic with his elbow on his left side. At the 1xBet website it is also possible to place wagers on many things that happen in basketball too.

The hit didn’t seem to be that hard. However, after it happened, Simanic began to feel an unusual pain near the area where he got the hit. After a suggestion from the team’s doctor, he went to a hospital in Manila, the Philippines, in order to be further examined.

A worrying discovery

The examinations that Simanic underwent revealed something catastrophic. His left kidney had been seriously damaged. A surgery was attempted to repair the organ. By the way, try the slots ug available with 1xBet before the next basketball match begins.

A few days later, and still in the hospital, Simanic’s examinations revealed that the problems still continued. For this reason, a new surgery was performed. This time it was decided to remove the kidney altogether.

Later, it was necessary to find blood donors for the player. It was revealed that it was quite difficult to find a donor compatible with Simanic’s blood. However, one of his teammates had his blood compatible with Simanic’s.

Now the question is whether Simanic can play professional basketball again. Well, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a former NFL player, played his entire career with a single kidney. Therefore, the Serbian player seems to have a chance. The 1xBet ug slots are available with great rewards that you can enjoy while waiting for basketball matches.


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