A guide to the most durable golf gloves

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If you don the fairways multiple times a week or are dedicated enough to tinker with your swing on the range in between rounds, the likelihood is that your golf glove will be taking a bit of a beating.

Whilst many of the best golf gloves in 2023 used by most professionals and discerning amateurs are made from leather due to the softness and feel they provide, durability is still an important quality in a golf glove, that should not be overlooked.

While golf gloves are not the most expensive golf accessory out there, they are not something that you want to be replacing regularly and you should generally expect to get around 10 rounds of wear out of a high-quality but durable golf glove.

For those looking to push the boundaries of price per wear, synthetic gloves tend to give you more bang for the buck, although you may find the feel suffers a little. Here are some excellent models that manage to combine durability with quality.

Nike Dura Feel X Golf Glove – $12 / £12 RRP

This is a classic-looking glove from Nike that features an abundance of versatility, the synthetic leather palm allows a secure grip, and with the latest version comes a reinforced palm and thumb for better durability. A stretchy fabric around the knuckles supports the natural movement of the swing, the fingers and thumb also feature perforations for airflow to keep the hands cool.

Bionic StableGrip 2.0 Golf Glove – $30 / £25 RRP

It may not be the most ordinary-looking glove in the world but that is certainly nothing to be put off by. The Stable Grip 2.0 features Bionic’s patented relief pad system to give you more control and a better grip of the club. Many golfers find it hard to get a glove that fits correctly but Bionic hope to solve this issue with the dual expansion zone on the thumb which adjusts to the golfer for a more precise fit. The glove is constructed from washable leather which also partners with Lycra on the fingers and knuckles for better movement when swinging.

Mizuno Comp Golf Glove – $11 / £7 RRP

For golfers wanting an all-weather glove, Mizuno have given golfers a great option with the Comp glove that retails at a very affordable price point for all budgets. Its synthetic upper gives you great durability and long-lasting shape, which, when partnered with a leather palm for improved grip, gives golfers everything they need regardless of the conditions.

TaylorMade Stratus Tech Golf Glove – $12 / £11 RRP

If you’re a TaylorMade fan and want a glove for all seasons we think the Stratus Tech has you covered. Well-placed perforations allow golfers breathability all year round, and the glove’s synthetic and leather combination give you great grip and long-lasting durability. TaylorMade’s Hypertec synthetic provides the grip and performance needed in hot and humid conditions.

Callaway Weather Spann Golf Glove – $13 / £13 RRP

This all-weather glove uses durable Japanese synthetic leather for a great feel, added durability and flexibility. The 4-way stretch synthetic on the knuckles allows for the glove to be more breathable and helps circulate air to keep the hand dry. Callaway’s Opti Fit Technology gives a secure, adjustable fit and reinforced palm patches allow for improved grip and durability in all conditions.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove – $34 / £35 RRP (2-pack)

The WeatherSof has helped more than 90 million golfers around the globe play their best golf in all conditions. The glove’s classic design partnered with FootJoy’s Fibresof palm makes for a comfortable and consistent fit. With a soft feel, high levels of durability, and grip it is no wonder this is the world’s most popular golf glove.

Srixon Cabretta Leather Women’s Golf Glove – $16 / £13 RRP

With this Srixon offering you are getting a premium product at a very reasonable price. Utilises a hybrid construction of the best of leather and synthetic very nicely. The lycra inserts in the knuckles, which improve the fit, are a great idea while the leather body feels fantastic and works superbly well in extreme heat.

How to choose a durable golf glove

If you’re in the market for a golf glove you can squeeze a few more rounds out of, here are some things worth considering:

Material – Gloves made from synthetic materials, or a blend of leather and synthetics will have superior lasting qualities to a glove constructed purely from leather. The only thing to bear in mind is that leather gloves provide a softer feel, and therefore if you value both qualities in a glove, then perhaps a hybrid construction is best.

Size – You shouldn’t be able to pinch any material on the palm or fingers. If you can cover all the Velcro with the fastening tab, that’s another sign it’s too big.

Budget – Another advantage to the synthetic gloves aside from their durability, is the slightly cheaper price point compared to leather options. You will find plenty of great synthetic gloves retailing at under $20/£20.

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