A Guide about Roof Cleaning: Methods of Roof Cleaning

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Roof cleaning may seem like it could be more important for many homeowners, but it is a really important task when it comes to maintaining the top area of your house.

Many home experts and roofing contractors suggest that roof cleaning is a very important task for better maintenance, and you should pay attention to this if you want longer-lasting protection for your house. This also helps you to save extra costs in the future.

The top of your house is the part that is very important in many aspects. It protects the overall building and provides shelter from extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall, rainfall, storms, heavy winds, etc. Therefore, the homeowner must take every step to maintain the roof to avoid major damage and extra cost.

Why is Roof Cleaning needed?

Roof cleaning prevents damage, extends lifespan, removes algae and moss, enhances appearance, and maintains property value. Essential for home maintenance.

  • Longer Lifespan

The first and most obvious reason is that proper cleaning and maintenance help to improve the lifetime of the top shelter of your house.

There are lots of things happening at the top of your house. It provides a better environment for moisture and bacteria to grow. Many homeowners think that they can do nothing in this case. However, they do not know proper cleaning can save them from the high replacement cost.

According to many experienced contractors, cleaning helps to increase the lifespan by nearly 25 years.

  • New Appearance/ Look

Moss and mould make the look of your house very hideous. It looks odder if the roof is in a light color.

Proper roof cleaning can help you improve the overall appearance of your house in a better and easy way. Investing in a new roof is an expensive process. Many homeowners think that an old-looking roof can only be replaced with a new one. However, this is not true in all cases. In many cases, proper cleaning can give a new and pleasing appearance to the overall house or building.

  • Helps in Pests Reduction

Birds, insects, and other bacteria, etc are creatures that need a specific environment for building their homes. For example, pests need algae to build their nests. Similarly, birds may also find the top of your house suitable for the collection of food, etc. This results in holes and scratches on the top surface. These holes and scratches then make way for moisture and water to enter the inside walls of the house. If the water enters inside the walls, then it becomes difficult to treat and get rid of.

Mold and moss, if entered inside, can severely damage the interior of your house as well. Therefore, keeping the top clean can save you from all this hassle.

  • Reduce Energy Bills

We know that the roof of our house is the part that has to face all the sun rays, snow, rain, winds, etc. This becomes the prime reason for bacteria, algae, and moss to grow. All these creatures are very harmful to the shingles. They make them weak and less effective. In this way, the roof becomes less effective in absorbing the heat and transfers it inside the house. Resultantly, utility bills rise due to more heat inside the house.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this situation by preventing the growth of algae, moss, and mould, etc.

Roof Cleaning Methods

There are many authentic and useful methods that are used by professional cleaners for cleaning the top area of the house. However, we will discuss some of the methods here in detail.

1. Scraping Method

The most common method used for cleaning is the scraping method. The one effective point about using this method is that one does not need the services of a professional cleaner and you can use this method on your own as well.

You only need a scraper for this method. A ladder may also be needed to reach faraway points or difficult-to-reach areas. Then you climb up the ladder with the scrapper in your hand and start scraping the top surface. Moss, mould, and algae can easily be scraped out with the help of this method and tool.

2. Pressure Washer Cleaning Method

A pressure washer is actually a machine that is used to wash surfaces with the help of high pressure in order to remove and scrape away dust and debris. It has wands and hoses that are detachable.

This method may seem very effective as it is easy to use, and you must call the cleaning services company to get the roof cleaning in Norwich. However, use this method only for a short time.

The high-pressure washer will weaken the shingles and make the roof age quicker than expected.

3. Chemical Cleaning Method

Sodium hydroxide is the chemical that is used most often for the cleaning of your house’s top. The benefit of this chemical cleaner is that it does not damage the surface of the roof.

The chemical cleaner is sprayed on the surface with the help of sprayers that are operated with the help of batteries. This type of cleaning has longer-lasting and more effective results as compared to the high-pressure washing technique.

Another benefit of this washing technique is that it affects the shingles like the high-pressure washing. It does weaken the shingles but very less as compared to high pressures technique.

Keep Your Roofs Clean

Roof cleaning must be an important and essential part of your annual house cleaning. It helps you to keep your house in a maintained state. It also helps to make the house look better and well maintained.

Moreover, the better way to perform this job is by hiring professional cleaners and roofing contractors, etc. They have a team of experienced and expert professionals who know how to perform the process to get desired results without damaging the surface of the top.

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