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Wouldn’t it enhance your experience if you could instantly download your top tunes? Imagine a world where you batch-download from Spotify or Amazon Music, save your songs as MP3s, and enjoy them without an app – it would certainly enrich your music enjoyment. This piece provides guidance on how to use MusicFab, a tool that swiftly converts streamable tracks to MP3, FLAC, and other formats. Even if you’re a complete novice who still wants to embrace offline playback, don’t fret! We will elucidate how to install and handle MusicFab, particularly for those without prior knowledge of the software but still keen on offline playback.

Features of MusicFab

MusicFab music converter is an application that has the ability to transform songs from music streaming platforms into MP3, M4A, FLAC, and more. It is composed of multiple addon modules including the “MusicFab Spotify Converter”, which converts Spotify songs to various formats, the “MusicFab Amazon Music Converter” for downloading songs from Amazon Music, the “MusicFab Apple Music Converter”, which allows Apple Music downloads, the “MusicFab TIDAL Downloader” for music downloads from TIDAL, among others.

Feature 1: Download and convert streaming music as MP3s

Data from music services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music are copy-protected and cannot be saved to a local drive. However, with MusicFab, you can save these songs to your local drive as MP3s or M4As and enjoy them permanently. Output formats include FLAC/M4A/OPUS/MP3/WAV/ALAC, with support for Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio for an all-around sound experience.

Feature 2: Lyrics and metadata can also be saved.

Another feature of MusicFab is the ability to save lyrics as .lrc files. A .lrc file is a format that synchronizes music and lyrics with the display time and lyrics. Many media player applications and software support .lrc files, so it is recommended for those who want to play music offline while displaying lyrics. It is very convenient because you can download the lyrics along with the song data.

Feature 3: Outstanding ease of use! Plenty of features to choose from!

MusicFab has a full range of download-related features. For example, you can download and convert Spotify playlists to MP3, and GPU hardware acceleration technology for fast downloads. In addition, if ads are included, downloading can be performed with the ads cut out. It supports not only the United States but also international versions of Spotify and Amazon Music, so you can convert songs and podcasts on any plan in any country.

How to purchase MusicFab

In this article, we will use the MusicFab Spotify Converter to explain the process.

  • 1. Click “Buy Now” from the official website
  • 2. Select “Buy Now” again
  • 3. Select a payment method, e-mail address, and payment currency, confirm the Terms of Use, and click “Continue Payment
  • 4. Enter your payment information and click “Buy”.


Click “Buy Now” from the official website.


Please select a subscription plan.


Select a payment method, email address, payment currency, etc. After confirming the Terms of Use, click “Continue Payment”.


Enter your payment information and click “Buy”. Please be assured that your information is protected by various information protection technologies.

How to cancel your MusicFab subscription

  • 1. Log into the Member Center
  • 2. Tap “My Subscriptions”
  • 3. Disable automatic subscription

How to set up MusicFab

Open the settings screen by clicking the hamburger icon (3-line symbol). In the upper right corner is the Settings option.

How to use “General Settings”

In the “General” section, you can set the software language, output folder, etc. If the software language is set to English, select here to change the language if needed. If you want to change the destination folder, change the “Output directory”. Settings can be changed here at any time.

How to use “VIP Service Settings?

In the “VIP Service” setting option, you can set the default output format for each software; in the case of Amazon Music, you can also set which region of Amazon to use. Don’t forget to save the settings with “OK” at the end!

How to use “Sound Settings”

In the “Sound” setting option, you can set whether or not a notification sound is played when a task is completed and the output directory in case of success or failure.

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