8 Bathroom Upgrades for a More Functional Space

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In the thriving real estate market of Grand Rapids, Michigan, homeowners are looking to add value and appeal to their properties. As reported by Redfin, the median sale price in Grand Rapids was $268K last month, marking a 7.2% increase since last year. In such a market, homes with well-thought-out upgrades, like a bathroom remodel, can sell for about 6% above the list price.

A functional and stylish bathroom not only serves the immediate needs of the household but also positions the home favorably in a competitive market. This article explores key upgrades that can transform an ordinary bathroom into a highly functional and appealing space, perfectly aligned with Grand Rapids’ housing market trends.

1. Maximize Storage Solutions

In any bathroom, storage is a critical component for maintaining functionality and organization. Grand Rapids homeowners can significantly enhance the usability of their bathrooms by incorporating smart storage solutions.

Floating shelves offer a sleek, space-saving solution for towels and toiletries. Under-sink cabinets can hide plumbing while providing ample storage. Over-the-toilet units utilize wasted space and are perfect for storing extra supplies.

By maximizing storage, homeowners can keep their bathrooms clutter-free and more enjoyable to use, thereby increasing the overall appeal of their homes.

2. Convert to a Walk-In Shower for Accessibility and Style

One of the most significant upgrades for a modern, functional bathroom is converting traditional bathtubs into walk-in showers. This upgrade not only enhances the bathroom’s aesthetic but also improves accessibility, a key consideration in today’s housing market.

For those in Grand Rapids considering such a remodel, local experts can provide customized solutions. Look for companies providing the best bathroom remodels in Grand Rapids and hire them for their expertise. Homeowners can find professionals skilled in transforming outdated bathrooms into stylish, accessible spaces with walk-in showers. These conversions can include features like built-in benches, non-slip tiles, and handheld showerheads, combining safety, convenience, and modern design.

3. Update Fixtures for Efficiency and Style

Updating bathroom fixtures is a relatively simple yet impactful upgrade. Modern faucets, showerheads, and towel racks not only enhance the bathroom’s style but can also offer improved efficiency.

Eco-friendly fixtures that reduce water usage are increasingly popular, aligning with the growing trend towards sustainability. Such updates can significantly boost a bathroom’s appeal. Stylish finishes like brushed nickel or matte black can add a contemporary touch, while upgraded fixtures ensure the bathroom functions smoothly and efficiently.

4. Optimize Lighting for Functionality and Mood

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the functionality and ambiance of a bathroom. Inadequate lighting can make a bathroom feel cramped and unwelcoming, while the right lighting setup can transform it into a comfortable, inviting space. Task lighting around mirrors is essential for activities like shaving or makeup application. Ambient lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for unwinding in a bath after a long day.

Homeowners should consider layered lighting solutions that allow for adjustable brightness and mood settings, ensuring their bathroom is not only functional but also adaptable to different needs and times of the day.

5. Install Non-Slip, Durable Flooring

Flooring is a critical aspect of bathroom functionality, especially in terms of safety and durability. Non-slip, water-resistant flooring options like ceramic or porcelain tiles are ideal for Grand Rapids homes, where changing seasons can bring varying levels of humidity and moisture. These materials not only prevent slip-and-fall accidents but also resist mold and mildew growth, ensuring long-term durability.

Additionally, modern flooring options come in a range of styles and finishes, allowing homeowners to enhance their bathroom’s aesthetic without compromising on safety and functionality.

6. Enhance with Functional Accessories

The right accessories can significantly boost a bathroom’s functionality. Heated towel racks, for instance, add a touch of luxury while ensuring comfort, especially during the colder months. Built-in soap dispensers and shower caddies can help keep countertops and shower spaces neat and organized.

Another such functional addition is a fog-free mirror. Perfect for varying temperatures, these mirrors remain clear even after a hot shower, saving time and frustration. Another useful accessory is a shower seat or bench, which not only enhances safety and accessibility but also adds a spa-like feel to the bathroom.

Additionally, consider installing extendable mirrors or magnifying mirrors, which can be particularly helpful in grooming and makeup application. These small yet practical additions not only enhance the user experience but also contribute to a well-organized and efficient bathroom space.

7. Improve Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential in maintaining a healthy and durable bathroom environment. High humidity levels, common in bathrooms, can lead to mold and mildew growth, affecting both the health of the inhabitants and the longevity of bathroom fixtures and finishes.

Upgrading the exhaust fan to a more efficient model, possibly with features like humidity sensors or timers, can significantly improve air quality. Ensuring good ventilation can also help in maintaining optimal indoor air conditions throughout the year.

8. Integrate Modern Technology for Convenience

Modern technology integration can transform a standard bathroom into a more functional and enjoyable space. Digital shower controls allow for precise temperature adjustments, enhancing safety and comfort. Smart mirrors with built-in LED lighting and Bluetooth capabilities can add a high-tech touch while also being practical.

Even simple additions like waterproof Bluetooth speakers can make the bathroom experience more enjoyable. These technological upgrades not only add a modern flair but also cater to the increasing demand for smart home features among homebuyers.


In the dynamic real estate market of Grand Rapids, upgrading a bathroom can significantly impact a home’s appeal and value. By focusing on key aspects such as durable flooring, functional accessories, effective ventilation, and modern technology, homeowners can create a bathroom space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. These upgrades go beyond mere cosmetic enhancements, addressing practical needs and improving the overall living experience.

Moreover, such improvements are not just for the present comfort but also for future gain. It’s about making smart, thoughtful choices that resonate with both current lifestyle needs and potential future requirements.

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