5-century Fashion Ideas That Still Work In The Modern World

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The modern world is being shaped by the internet in the name of trends. Everybody is looking on Pinterest and Instagram to find out the latest fashion trends. In the older times public looked up to monarchies and the upper class to find fashion ideas. Then arrived the community of dress designers, models, and celebrities who were the representatives of the fashion industry.

Roots are always important. Keeping that in mind, let’s see 5 of the century old fashion ideas that still work in the modern world.

  • Gowns

The gown has always been evolving but was never out of trend. Gown have always been the idle dress for our princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and many more. In the modern era of the 21st century, gowns are mostly preferred and used for special events like the Met Gala and Red Carpet.

Gowns are used during weddings as well. In that way, it is neither an old-century fashion dress nor a new-century fashion dress. gowns are an evergreen dress.

  • Check bottoms

Check bottoms, whether it’s a trouser or a draped skirt, has been used by males and females both. In the military of Scotland, draped check skirts and formal shirts are used as a uniform. There are so many modern-day schools in which the same combination is used for students.

Check on check are also in trend in the world of fashion. Full-check suits are used by modern-day models.

  • Overcoats and shrugs

Overcoats have always been in use in the older century and in the modern world too, during winters. They add a kind of elegance to the dress that cannot be found anywhere else. And the best thing about overcoats is it remains gender and age-neutral and looks good on male, female, older people, and kids as well.

On the other hand, shrugs hold the ability to turn the table around. During older centuries, they were used on nightgowns. And in modern times, it is mostly worn on jeans and shorts and used by dress designers to create various interesting looks.

  • White formal shirts

White formal shirts have always been the symbol of discipline and simplicity. A simple white formal shirt was used by officials during older times, either on a corset or under the coat of formals.

In the 21st century also, they are used mostly in the same way and are the idle cloth to wear in offices.

They are very much trending with all kinds of skirts like slit skirts, drape skirts, full-length skirts, semi-length skirts, and mini skirts also. Even if you are going for an outing, just take out the bottom of your choice, like flare jeans or shorts and pair it up with a white formal shirt. You are good to hang out anywhere.

  • Boots and shoes

Boots and shoes have been evolving like human minds. Longer boots were used by government officials and high-class men during old times. It is used by both males and females, mostly living in the winter-prone countryside. Now there are ankle-length and half-the-knee-length boots.

When it comes to shoes mind mostly goes on thinking about the shoes of Cinderella, which she left on that night. Otherwise, there are a variety of shoes which cannot be counted. Boots and shoes are remaining to be evergreen and aren’t going anywhere.

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